Sunday, June 29, 2008

'Wow Our boy is 11 months old!!'

Kaden was 11 months old on the 25th June - how time flies!!The countdown is now on for his 1st Birthday.Kaden is whizzing everywhere these days in his babywalker.Today was a lovely day and Kaden spent some time in his walker in the garden watching his sister on the trampoline.Kaden has the hospital on Tuesday to get his button changed as the one he has at the moment is leaking - once you stop his feed and unattach the connection you have to close the button real quick as the milk has started to come back out.I called the hospital and the nurse told me his button needs replaced as sometimes the seal stops working after a while.Apart from that no complaint s about Kaden he's just growing up too fast!!We have another appoinment next week to see the surgeon,so hopefully he'll be pleased with Kaden.I'm going to mention to him that Kaden has started being sick after his feeds,which is a new thing - after he had his fundo he was never sick.I think Kaden gags so much maybe he has slackened his fundo op - but i dont know for sure,so we'll wait and see what the surgeon says.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

''Our Big Boy'

Today has been a really wet and wild day - so we stayed in and built Kadens new big boy bed.Kadens grown out of his moses basket now ,his head was reaching the top.Kaden has now got a racing car bed - and we built it right next to ours for thr forseeable future.Today i took a picture of him snoozing on the bed after his bath.So far he LOVES IT!We'll see when it comes to bedtime!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday 20th June

On A Sad Note ;

Today our thoughts are with Baby Skylas family - as it is her funeral today as she lost her battle with life on Friday 13th June after fighting so hard for life for 8 months.Her family must be so proud of their little angel.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday 18th June

Kaden has 4 teeth now and a 5th coming through.Kaden is sitting on his own really well these days - although when i put him down to go and do anything he doesn't like it - he just sits and crys!!I'm hoping once he's walking he'll be a happier boy - following me allover the place.He just loves attention.Recently he's been going through a funny stage - when someone talks to him his lippy goes on and he'll start to cry.I'm sure he'll grow out of it.He loves standing onthe sofa looking out of the window at his sisters on the trampoline.Here's him in action;-

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kaden's coming along

We haven't updated lately as i'm getting very lazy!!Kaden is coming along well and growing every day.We had a hospital appointmant on Thursday last week at the respiritory clinic and they were very pleased with Kadens progress.Kaden was weighed and had his height done.Kaden weighs 17lbs 10 oz and his height is 69.3 c.m.Kaden was under th 50 percentile all along,but now he is above the 50 percentile.He said Kadens torso looked quite simetrical from the front but looked as if from the back his spine was moved over slightly to the right.He said this wouldn't effect Kaden it was with all his organs being in his chest pushing his spine slightly over so its curved a bit.The doctor we saw says generally Kaden has done so well and coped ok in the winter with his chest so he said instead of seeing him on a regular basis he would see him in 12 months time - unless we had any issues.