Friday, March 28, 2008

'Our Wee Man'

Friday 28th March

Kadens been a little grumpy over the past few days.He's full of the cold which doesn't seem to be clearing.The doctor said to us when she gave him the antibiotic she would give him half the strength as he'd been on prevouisly - instead of 5 mls he's been getting 2.5 mls.I'm starting to wonder if the dose isn't high enough.Hopefuly his cold will be alot better for Sunday as thats the day we're off on hols for a week.Kaden so far tonight has woke up twice with his nose being blocked so i hope from here on in he can get a better sleep!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting better

Kadens has been getting better as the week has gone on.He's still on his antibiotics and still has a blocked nose,he's also been sleeping well so i think the karvol at night time seems to help.Apart from that he's back on the road to recovery.Which i'm glad about as we're off on holiday on Sunday and i wouldn't be keen to go if Kaden wasn't right.As i have enough to take with us and to think about already as our nurse at the hospital gave me a demonstration on how to put his g-tube back in if it were to come out.Kaden g-tube is held in by a water filled balloon,so she gave me sterile water and 2 new tubes to take and dressings.We also had to get a letter from our surgeon to say Kaden needed his prescribed milk to travel with us(3x12 cartons).And we'll also have to take his kangeroo pump for his night feeds and the bags for them!I don't know how we'll manage to get everything in our car as we have a 1hour and 1/2 journey to the airport.Never mind it'll be worth it for some heat!!I was reading tonights paper when i came across an article about a family who had a little girl called Faith Magee who was born with CDH in September-but sadly she fought for life for 8 weeks and finally she couldn't fight any longer.I was crying reading the story as CDH is so unpredictable and the doctors cant give you any answers until your baby arrives as each case is so different and there is a high mortality rate with cdh babies.It also makes you realise how lucky we are to have 'Our Special Boy'.There's a story about this baby Faith Magee on and i'm sure it'll break your heart too.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Poor Kaden

Yesterday was a really wild day in Aberdeen as far as wind went!I decided after lunch to walk to the shops to get some messages and then carry on to pick up Regan from school(as Brooke was sent home at lunchtime with a sick bug).And boy was it windy - although i put the raincover over the pram to keep the wind out it was still quite wild.Kaden was really unsettled during the night and seemed to have a problem breathing as he seemed blocked up.So eventually i gave in and took him in beside us to get some rest!!When i woke up this morning the bed was wet - Kaden had been wretching and gagging so much he pushed the connecting pipe that hooks up to his gastrostomy out and the milk was still flowing(unknown to us)so poor Kaden was wet and had also lost out on some of his feed.Today i took him to the doctors to get an antibiotic to save the cold going into his chest - so he has to get it 3x daily.Hopefuly that'll do the trick.When we were at the doctors i asked if she would have a look at Kadens gastrostomy as its still weeping.She had a quick look and said i should take him upto the A&E at the hospital to get it checked over as the lady who i normally deal with for his tube is off on leave til the 1st April and we're off on holiday on the 30th March and i was a bit anxouis that it might be infected.Once at the hospital a doctor came and looked and said it looked ok and just to make sure he'd take a swab and send it off to make sure there are no bugs growing there.He said if there was a problem he'd call us and let us know failing that he said we were fine and could head off home!(thank goodness!!!)Kadens in his bed and sleeping so far so good so hopefuly he'll be fine tonight - i put some karvol on one of his teddys so i'm hoping that'll help.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Lazy Boy

Last night i bathed Kaden and as usual he screamed!!I had bought him a new bath seat hoping that might do the trick - but not to be!!After his bath when i was drying him i noticed his gastrostomy has still got granulation tissue and is still weeping and raised,so i am going to call the hospital this week to get them to check it over before the kids holidays as we're of abroad for a week and i want to make sure it's ok before we go.Kadens quite lazy when it comes to putting any effort into anything,he would quite happily lie on his back allday and have you chase after him(typical man!!!!!!!!!)Yesterday i also bought a nursing pillow which i thought might help him sit up more.We tried it out and to a point it does help but you have to keep your eyes on him all the time or he'll fall over or slide down and just lie there quite happily.

This was a picture of Kadens gastrostomy tube after his bath - i dont know if you can see it properly but it quite raised.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday 16th March

Wyatt - so glad to see you home and happy!!Kaden xx

Here are some pictures of Kaden over the last few days.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday 15th March

Kadens been saying da da this week - much to my disgust!!I wanted him to say muma!!Never mind he also worked out today for the first time he can move when he's in his baby walker - even if it is only backwards!He's also starting to hold food in his hand but he tends just to wave it around.One day hopefuly shortly he'll get the hang of it.Kadens a bit lazy when it comes to sitting unaided,he doesn't even try so i think i'm going to get a nursing pillow to support his back and try him with that a little more.As it's so easy to just lay him down on the bed and he doesnt have to bother trying.Here's some pic's of Kaden this last few days.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday 13th March

We've had a great day today with Kaden - he's been a really good boy today.We went for a walk around lunchtime as it was a nice day today in Aberdeen for a change.Then in the afternoon Kaden came with me to the hairdressers and behaved really well until near the end when he got really upset and i had to get the rest of my hair cut with him on my knee!Here's a pic of Kaden last night as i bought him a new seat and was desperate to see him in it!!

Wednesday 12th March

We had a busy day today with the Community Health visitor coming and also i had to wait in all day for a parcel to be picked up - then finally we had to build Regan's new bed which arrived late Tuesday eveening.The health visitor appeared around lunchtime so i put Kaden in his highchair for the 1st time as i normaly feed him in his bouncer.The health visitor had said to give him some finger foods so i cut up some banana and gave him a finger biscuit and also gave him some yogurt.Every spoonful of yogurt was a real struggle as you have to prise his mouth open as he doesn't really open his mouth.(Around 2 tiny spoonfuls and thats about it.)Then i gave him some banana to hold - he wasn't interested!Then a finger biscuit which he aimed towards his mouth from time to time then he threw it overboard.All in all she said just to keep trying at meal times to get him used to different textures.And she asked if i wanted any respite to let them know and they would sort something out.Heres Kaden in his highchair.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some photo's

Kaden funny Face.

Kaden yesterday in his vest.

Tuesday 11th March

Today Kaden was really grumpy in the morning - so it seems like its been a long day!Although by the afternoon he'd settled and seemed alot happier after having a few siestas!Kadens g-tube wound still seems to be leaking a bit,but hopefuly its just the healing process.Tomorrow we have the health visitor coming round over lunchtime to watch Kaden feeding as the dietition from the hospital called her and asked her to come round and observe as they say we should be introducing finger foods to him.So tomorrow she get a real idea of living with a boy who will hardly open his mouth for food and gags on near enough every spoon.Never mind i better be on my best behaviour tomorrow with an extra pair of eyes watching over us!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday 10th March

What a wet and wild day it is in Aberdeen today!We had a little girl up during the night not feeling well and was sick.So today i have a full house as Brooke is also off school with a sore tummy - and i've kept Regan off to recover from her bug.And so far today Kadens been a bit grumpy!!Here's a photo of Kaden last night - looking as if he's had a perm!!and no he hasn't!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kaden photo's

Busy week

Kadens had a busy week this week with hospital appointments.I called the hospital on Monday to say i was a bit concerned about his gastrostomy as it was still leaking a bit and was coming through onto his vests.Merrie who deals with the tube feeding asked if we could go up to see her on Tuesday.When she looked at on Tuesday she said he stillhad some granulation tissue which needed to be burnt off,but she'd get a doctor totake a look also.Once the doctor had taken a look he too agreed he needed the tissue burnt off.Poor Kaden hates being pinned down so they can get to his wound!!(It's so stressful!!)Never mind once it was done he soon forgot about it.The doctor did say it might have to be down again but they'll just keep an eye on it.Then on Thursday we had the physio in the afternoon for Kaden and the dietition,speech and language lady and the respiritory clinic.Kaden was not a happy bunny at the physio as soon as she took him and laid him on the floor he went crazy!So she gave him back to me and just gave him toys to play with.The dietition also appeared an asked if i had any concerns as far as his feeds which i replied no.Overall she was quite happy with him but she still wants to keep an eye on him so she made an apponitment for 6 weeks.Quickly we rushed to the speech lady and we spoke about his oral feeding which isn't too good at the moment - although i'm not too woried yet as i think it will just come over time - the speech lady felt the same.Next we headed to the respiritory clinic for 3.15p.m and we weren't taken till 4.30p.m as they were running late.By this time Kaden should have been fed at 4p.m so i just had to wait till after his appointment and feed him before we set of home.The doctor at the respiritory clinic was one fron the neo-natal and he was delighted to see Kaden and how well he is getting on.Kaden was weighed and is now 13lbs 8oz.It's taken a while but we're getting there!!No more hospital appointments till next month!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday 1st March

Kaden was a little grumpy yesterday.But today he's back to his normal self.Although i'm a bit concerned about his g-tube wound as its red looking ,raised and weeping.So if it doesn't get better by next week i'll call the hospital to have a look.Kaden is today sporting a few new tramlines in his hair!(much to his dads disgust!!)Yesterday a friend called and asked if i'd cut her an her girls hair for the weekend - so once i came home after thier haircuts and had my clippers at the ready i decided to give Kaden some lines in the side of his hair.Don't panic i am a hairdresser.(maybe also a fashion victim!!)