Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Park

Kaden had great fun yesterday...the sun actually shone at this end of the wolrd for a change!So we took a nice long walk to the park and the girls and mike went on their bikes.We walked along the old railway line to get to the park which took about 30 minutes.Once we arrived at the park the girls got an ice-cream and we headed for the swings.Kaden LOVES the swings.He also went on an basket type swing with the girls which he also LOVED.And once it was time to head off home and take him off the swing he started crying.
We headed back home via the railway line again,but mike and brooke got impatient waiting on Regan,Kaden and i so they cycled off home and left us to walk at our own speed...which wasn't very fast.Never mind we all made it home eventually.
A great day had by all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Kaden had the physio at the hospital yesterday.He did really well.She had him doing his sitting to standing,and played with some coloured cubes and a giant ball.The physio said he was doing real well and she could see a big difference from last time.She also said to get him to use his walker more - to get him used to walking pushing something.Kaden actualy didn't cry (as much) as usual,he played quite happy until she tryed to get him to crawl...and then he lost it!!The physio said Kaden's pelvis is still wobbly and she'd like to see him in a month,but because we're on holiday she's made a appointment for the 1st October.Then his next appointments at the hospital is November for a 12months+ neo-natal check and an appointment with the surgeon.
Kaden is sitting at my feet as i write this throwing sweeties allover the i gave him a tin of sweets to play with to keep him amused,and they certainly have.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cheeky monkey

Kaden is getting cheekier by the day - he looks at you with his big eyes and cheeky grin.As of the last few days Kadens cold has all but gone.His feeding is improving,slow but sure.He has the physio on that'll is something he hates - anything with a bit of effort put into it!!
Kaden got a little winnie the pooh sit on train for his birthday - and he's just worked out how to use it with no help.(he LOVES it!)Yesterday i took a video of him whizzing around the lounge on it,and also took some photos.
As i write this my boy has my car keys and is scrapping them up and down his dad's office cream walls...never mind that's what boys are here for making a mess!!Never mind daddys blue eyed boy will get away with it - and knowing his dad he won't even notice!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

'Another Angel'

We were so sorry to hear today that Elliott Arcile Reed passed away after a brave fight against CDH.
Please pray for Brian & Cassi Elli's mum and dad and family as they go through this sad time.
Elliott Arcile Reed 19/08/08 - 8/09/08

Friday, September 5, 2008

'1 Year Today'

One year ago today Kaden got home from hospital.We can hardly believe where time has gone!!When we look back at Kaden then and look at him now it's hard to believe what he's been through.These days Kaden continues to take steps in the right direction and it's great to watch his every move.He can finally say mama,as for the last few months all i've heard was dada and it was wearing a little thin!!ha ha.Kaden also loves playing with his football and he can say ball.
His feeding seems to be coming along,with Kaden being a bit more interested in food -when he see's the girls with food he come flying over in his babywalker.And he also will take a good few spoons before he shakes his head!(although saying that he doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive)so we'll just be patient and one day it'll come - in his own time.
What a difference a year makes!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stuffy nose

Kaden over the last few days has been unsettled during the night and been quite sick in the morning.He's also had some very runny nappies and been coughing.So today i called to get an appointment with the doctor.After looking in his ears and checking his temperature(which was fine)she said to keep an eye on him as far as his cough goes incase he has got croup.And to give him calpol to avoid him getting a temperature.She said if he didn't improve by Friday to go back to have him checked over before the weekend just to be on the safe side.Although his nose has been streaming constantly and he's been coughing he's seems happy enough within himself.He also had a hospital appointment today to get his button changed as it has been leaking for a few weeks now.That took all of ten minutes and we were off back home again.
As i write this Kadens whizzing around on his baby walker touching everything insight and quite pleased with himself!!