Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kadens Hospital Appointment

Kaden had a busy day yesterday - he had to see the physio at the hospital and the dietition and speech and language lady.As usual when we arrived at the hospital their were no parking spaces so we had to circle round a good few times and eventually we got a space.Running at the last minute we made it to the physio just in time.She worked with Kaden for about 30 minutes,getting him to concenate on sitting to standing.Kaden hates any kind of effort and cryed the whole way through - he was soaking of sweat!The physio said i should prop him up against the sofa and have a step or something half way between the floor and the sofa to get him used to sitting and standing,and if he falls he will relise he doesn't have too far to fall.She also said Kaden is terrifed of falling and we need to keep working with this issue and hopefuly he'll learn to loose his fear.The dietition also met us at the physio and said she had spoke to Kadens surgeon about an issue i was concerned about (he's recently started being sick 1st thing in the morning once his pump goes off)but she said its something they are not concered about.So on the feeding front we're sticking to what we do now - 3x bolus 80ml feeds a day and 50ml for 12 hours at night on his pump and keep trying oral feeds.The speech lady said the same about his feeding - keep at it every day and give him finger foods.But she feels he has an underlying problem with sensory issues as Kaden hates getting wet of any kind.He screams in the Bath and the shower so she was going to get us to see an occupationa therapist.This is fine with me,we need to find what he is scared of?

We met Kadens surgeon in the hall of the hospital just as we were about to leave and had a quick chat with him and he asked how Kaden was and if we had seen the dietition(which we had).He asked if the girls were enjoying the holidays.He is such a caring man(Thank godness for special people in the world like him)

Just before we left the hospital we bought a local paper and Kadens article was in it.

There was another article in today about Kaden,so if i can work out how to post it i will.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

'Kadens Party'

Kaden had another nice day today.We invited some friends round after 3p.m for a little party for Kaden.Just before they arrived i thought i'll give Kaden a quick bolus feed down his button...unknown to me i hadn't hooked the tube in right.So after what i thought i was finished his feed i relised my poor boy was soaking, i hadnt hooked his tube in properly so it was flowing allover my bed and Kaden (As they say - more hurry less speed) so Kaden had a few changes of clothes today.The weather was great again today which made the day perfect.Kadens Uncle and Auntie appeared with their burger van to save us doing any cooking.They also brought a sponge cake for Kaden and we had bought an icecream cake..which went down a treat!Kaden was delighted when they gave him his present...a ride on yellow aston martin which we can control by remote.Kaden got lots of nice presents and had a great day watching all the kids playing.My friends 8 month old Dillon was here and i took some pictures of them together - Kaden was touching his head and watching him all the time.Boy is it hard work getting my boy to smile!!Another great day had by all - and 2 girls less as they went home with our friends for a sleep over.

Friday, July 25, 2008

'Happy 1st Birthday Kaden'

Kadens had a busy day today - being 1 is a hard job!!This morning when he woke i dont know who was more excited - Kaden or me?!Kadens sisters opened his cards and gave him a present(a drum)he loves banging things so that'll keep him occupied for a while.Then his nannie and grandpa popped round with more pressies.Kaden go a garage from thm and a vtech walker which he loves.He also got clothes and more clothes from his other granny and grandpa & Auntie.Also this morning our local paper called to say they would like to do an article on Kaden now as they did one when he came home from hospital,so they would like to do a follow up on how he's getting on.So this afternoon the photographer from the paper came round and took some photos of us all together and some of Kaden on his own,and asked for some photos of Kaden when he was in hospital.I think the story will be in tommorrows paper.Kaden is now konked out wired up to his pump ready for part 2 tommorrow!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

'Big Day Tommorrow'

Tommorrow is Kadens big day he's 1 year old!Can hardly believe this time last year of how uncertain our unborn baby's outcome in life would be.We're so proud of every little milestone our son achieves and how he battles on no matter what was thrown at him in his early days.We're so thankful to have a happy healthy boy as CDH is a devastating condition for all concerned and has a very high mortality rate.And hopefuly one day soon there will be more that can be done for this dreadful condition.

We're having a little party for him on Saturday .We've put some recent photo's in the local paper of Kaden tommorrow for his birthday.Kaden had a busy morning trying to get his sisters out of bed to start with and then off to the doctors for 10 a.m to get his immunisation which he got in his right leg,and cryed for all of 1 second and forgot all about it.Then next month he has to get a further 2 injections of which one is the MMR.The last few days Kadens been enjoying the Aberdeen weather which has been really hot and sunny for a change - so we've been making the most of it.Chillin out in the Garden and going for walks.The kids are on Summer holidays right now and they only have 3 weeks more before they go back to school.We're so glad we have stayed home so far in the holidays as the weathers been not too bad.We're saving up for our big hols to Oz in October.(Cant wait)I'll post some photo's of Kaden over the last few days in the garden.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kaden & His Sisters

What a nightmare trying to get 3 children looking at the camera at the same time!!I'm glad i'm not a photographer!!Ha Ha

Friday, July 18, 2008

7 more days to go!!

The countdown is on - and Kaden has 7 more days to go until he turns 1!!We can hardly believe where the year has gone and how quickly our special wee man is growing up!!Yesterday Kadens new car arrived and the girls and i put it together(an early present).Kaden couldn't wait to get in it.We need to strap him in as he stands up sometimes in it.Here's some pics of Kaden trying it out today - and boy was he having fun!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday 15th July

Kaden has now got 6 teeth and boy does he know how to grind them!!Today i sat Kaden in his highchair and put some beans in front of him,but may i say they went everywhere else but his mouth.Kaden has been trying to bum shuffle today which has been quite funny to watch - he doesn't get too far but he can move a bit.He's a real poser as i write this he's sat right in front of the mirror looking at himself and clapping his hands,and rasping.Heres a few pictures of Kaden tonight after his bean episode!.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday 14th July

Kaden had a hearing test at the hospital today - much to his disgust!!He wasn't very co-operative at all.As soon as i sat him in the little chair on his own he started whinning.So the lady asked me to put him on my knee.In front of us was a 2 way mirror which i learnt a man was behind watching Kadens every move.At either side there was 3 boxes on top of each other - one with a green fluffy thing in it,the other had a fire engine in it,and the other had a white rabbit in it.As soon as the man started the noise from the left with the flashing light Kaden started crying.It was like sitting in the ghost train hearing all the noises and scary things all around you with flashing lights.Kaden was not impressed!!After the test he said he had no concerns with Kadens hearing,had i?I have no issues at all with his hearing.He said he wouldn't see Kaden again unless we had any worries and was refferred upto the hospital again.He told me the reason he was checking his hearing was that Kaden had spent more than 5 days in the neo-natal and often these babies have hearing problems.
I'm glad that tests over with and thats another hurdle we have got over with flying colours.
We also met with the dieticion who asked about Kadens feeding.Kaden never seems too keen to eat anything.She said she'll have a word with the surgeon and the speech and language people and we'll catch up on the 28th July when Kaden has an appointment at the hospital for physio.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday 11th July

The countdown is on ;2 weeks today and Kaden will be 1 year old!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hospital Follow Up Appointment

We had a hospital appointment yesterday to meet with Kadens surgeon - Prof Youngson.He had a look at Kadens gastrostomy site to see all was well,and had a general look over Kadens hospital notes.He asked how Kaden was doing with his oral feeding and finger foods,which i replied not too great.Kadens not really interested in eating oraly at all.The surgeon says we'll just have to be patient and he'll have to keep his button til he eats completly on his own.He said he was happy with Kaden and was i happy with his development - which i am.He said he'll see us again in 4 months.But to catch up with the dietition in the meantime.

Today i got some bad news - a girl i met in hospital (when we were in the neo-natal) called to say her sister was killed instantly in a road crash last night.The poor girl was only 22 years old and heading home from work.

Life can be so cruel and hard at times,and make you relise how lucky we are and to take each day as it comes.

Last night i also got an email from a lady who's pregnant with a baby boy called Kaden who also has CDH,and is due on 25th August.Please keep Jamie and baby Kaden in your prayers.