Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday 27th February

The past few days Kaden has been really laid back when feeding him by his tube.Which is a real blessing.Yesterday we went to Dundee for a bit of retail therapy and had a spot of lunch at a great Chinese by the harbour.As we were about to leave i decided to change Kadens nappy as its not so easy to change him in the car - it's so funny the conversations you get into when you go to the ladies room!I was changing Kaden and left the door open and this little boy came in with his grannie.He came straight over and said hi and then politly i asked him his name and how old he was.Ben was his reply and his Grannie said he's 3 but he has a feeding problem - so he's very small for his age.I said to the Grannie my son also had a problem with feeding and had a tube to feed him in his tummy,to which she said Ben also has a Gastrostomy (So there we both were in the ladies room lifting up our Boys t/shirts showing off their G-tubes!!)when i went back into the restraunt the grannie came over with the mum to introduce her to us.We had a great chat about our boys and their problems feeding and she said how nice it was to meet someone else who understood.As people looking from the outside in dont quiteunderstand unless they've been through it or are going through it.She also mentioned the docs have spoken about a fundo for Ben but she wasn't quite sure about it.I can only recommend one from our point of veiw as it has really benefitted Kaden - but everyone has their own decision to make and do what they think is best for their child!.Here's Kaden asleep in his jumperoo at lunchtime today.

Some Pics

Monday, February 25, 2008

'Happy Seven Months Kaden'

This time last year we found out how ill our unborn child was.We found out at our 18 week scan.The news and outlook was very bleak and to think 1 year on what our special boy and our family has faced and went through is quite surreal.I remember scouring the net looking for information on Kadens condition and thinking why us.But thankfuly Kaden is at the other side of the hill and doing well - apart from the feeding thing.We know it's going to be a slow process but one day hopefuly Kaden will eat oraly with no struggle.Kadens new thing when feeding is keeping his mouth firmly closed when he sees the spoon heading towards him.With a bit of a struggle he will swallow what he has in his mouth although he does gag when he feels the food at the back of his throat.Thats where his fundo has done the trick as before when he gagged his whole feed would come up - now Kaden never brings anything back up.We feel so blessed to have a happy healthy baby 1 year on from our devestating news.And hopefuly Kaden will continue from now on to go from strength to strength.The message here is 'Never give up hope'.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday 23rd February

Kaden has been on great form today!We went to Regan's Birthday party at 2.30p.m which was at a Recording Studio and then we were picked up by the Hummer Limo(with Kaden's dad driving!)All through the recording Kaden sat really well.Mike took Kaden and i home and then took the party girls for a spin.Now at home he has to put up with 8 screaming girls.Here's some pics of Kaden today.

Friday 22nd February

Kaden had a good day today and was very content.I took him upstairs and laid him on Brookes bed while i got a shower and when i came out i laid him on his tummy.Next thing - he rolled over onto his back.(First time he's every done that!)And need you ask he wouldn't do it again when i tryed him to.Kaden went down to sleep at 7.30p.m.which is quite unusual for him,although he woke up and grumbled around 5a.m and went back to sleep at 5.10a.m so i cant complain.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday 21st February

Kaden slept well last night. And today Kaden has been great.We went out around 10a.m today to Inverurie for a little shopping.Kaden slept most of the way there.We had lunch in Iverurie and i fed Kaden while we were in the cafe (and we got a few stares).It's unavoidable feeding Kaden when were out and about so i guess i'll just have to get used to it.Once home Kaden was fed and changed again and is now away out for a walk in the pram with daddy.It's pretty wild in Aberdeen today wind wise although its very mild.So armed with his raincover off they set.While i get back to my ironing pile and update my blog.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Regans 10th Birthday

Today Regan was so excited as soon as she woke up.She can running down the stairs to open her presents.She got a video ipod in red(what she wanted)And a portable Karaoke Machine(As she's always singing!)As usual we just made it to school.Kaden and i had a lazy morning at home and while Kaden had a sleep i did some long awaiting ironing.In the afternoon today we had an appointment at the hospital for Kaden for a checkup with the surgeon.All in all he was pleased with Kaden and he said he noticed Kadens cheeks were getting chubbier and he also said one day we'll get you Kaden to have Rugby player legs!Kaden was weighed today and he weighs 5.84kilos and 2 weeks ago he was 5.6kilos so were are pleased he's gainging weight more frequently now.We have another appointment with the surgeon in 8 weeks.And various other appointments at the hospital at the beginning of March for the respiritory clinic and the speech and language and the dietition.I need a calender these days as i'm getting so forgetful!!(So many appointments but we wouldn't have it any other way.)Heres the Birthday girl holding her bro after school.And Kaden sitting on his dads office chair.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday 19th February

Here's Kaden chilling out this morning!Our Day started off nice and quiet with the girls still off school for inservice.I had to wait in for Kadens milk delivery which came around about 11a.m.As our day went on Kaden was a bit grumpy for his 1st 2 feeds then he settled down.Kadens wound also looked better today-not so weepy and wet.The girls went to my mums as usual for tea(on Tuesday)and i went upto Mikes mums with Kaden for our tea.Then when i got home i was welcomed again with Bayruit - Rubbish and chewed nappys allover the Kitchen floor!!Then to top it all i was so annoyed the biggest dog was put in the younger dogs cage for a while till i cooled down and the next thing was she had chewed the arm off my favouite boys Armani T/shirt!!Need you ask i'm not a happy camper!Dogs are a swear word in the Brown household at the moment!!Never mind on a lighter note it's Regans 10th Birthday tommorrow and she cant wait.We have a party organised for Saturday and that'll be here before she knows it!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday 18th February

No school today - Great no rushing!!Although saying that i had an appointment at the doctors and Kaden had an appointment at the hospital.When i was changing Kadens nappy this morning i noticed his gastrostomy was weeping quite alot and more than usual.So i called the hospital and the lady who looks after all the tube feeds told me she wanted to see Kaden and have a look at his wound.When we arrived she took a look and said it was very weepy and red,so she would clean it and put on nitrate to burn off the granulation tissue as that was what was the cause of the redness and the discharge.She said once she was finished we have just to keep it dry and clean.Poor Kaden wasn't a happy bear during the proceedure he was really upset - as i bet it hurt!Also she wants me to call her on Thursday or Friday to give her an update on how the wound is looking.

After the hospital we went into town for an hour and then headed home.When at home Kaden had some Chicken and Veg casserole(A few spoons and a good few sucks of an easter egg!)

Sunday 17th February

We had another Lazy weekend.We didn't go out anywhere until after lunch.When we went out we went to Asda to get Kadens photo's developed for his passport.Here's Kaden posing with a serious face for his passport photo!After we picked the photo's up we went to a friends house for a few hours and Kaden was well behaved and had a little snooze.(And the other 2 were as high as kites playing with our friends 2 kids.)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Family

Saturday 16th February

Kaden went down to sleep early last night around 7p.m.Although during the night he woke a few times.We got up quite sharp for a weekend and got organized to head up to Nannies for some lunch.Kaden has been in a great mood today!(maybe its the weather-the sun has shone here all day today)This afternoon the girls and I went out for a walk with Kaden and he fell asleep.He is also sleeping in his bed now as i write this.So hopefuly he'll sleep tonight!!.Here's a pic of Kaden today.

I'll also put some photos of the girls on as i got a row from 1 of them for not adding her onto the blog as i had 1 of her sister and Kaden!(i have to make them all the same!!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday 15th February

I've been getting very lazy these days as far as Kadens blog goes.Any spare time i get seems to get filled up with other chores!Kadens doing well today.We had a little trip into town this morning for an hour but the town was packed as its an inservice day for the kids - although our 2 aren't off til Monday and Tuesday.This morning i took some more photo's of Kaden here's one of them.

Thursday 14th February

Happy Valetines Day Kaden -
It was a nice day in Aberdeen today.We didn't go out until lunchtime today and even then it was only to the Post Office.Kaden has been really good as of late.He seems to be tolerating his 70ml feeds.Sometimes he becomes unsettled after his feeds but only for a short time.Somedays he take food oraly better than others.Today the Speech and Language Lady phoned and said next time we are at the hospital she wants us to pop into her office to catch up with Kaden to see how he is getting on with his oral feeding.He's also been sleeping really well at night which is a real blessing!Kaden tasted his first Wotsit crisp today which he seemed to enjoy!(Thanks Lyndsey for suggesting it!!)

Wednesday 13th February

Here's Kaden - Looking every other way apart from the camera!!
Today Kaden has done his usual and slept after every feed,although i'm trying to keep him awake with just one sleep during the day.Kadens g-tube is a little red and weepy at the moment so i'm just trying to keep it clean.And Kadens scar from the fundo is healing really well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday 12th February

We had a busy day today.Brooke and Regan had the dentist at 9.30a.m so Nanny had to come over to wait for Brookes bed delivery(which just so happened to be 9.30a.m)It took us near enough all day to put Brookes bed together,so nanny watched Kaden so Granda and I could get on and build her bed.Kaden seemed to be sleeping every time i looked.Need you ask what happened at bed time - he wasn't too tired!!And at 3 a.m he woke and i took him in beside me as Mike is away until Wednesday.Then the dog woke up at 4.50a.m needing out, so when it was time to take the girls to school i didn't want to get up!!And yes as usual we were late!!


Sunday 10th February - Kadens been on good from today.He's been very content and settled.Kadens gastrostomy wound is still weeping and crusting over which the hospital looked at last week and said was quite normal.At the hospital they said he had granualation tissue round his wound which the surgeon cleaned up during his op and said not to worry as this was normal and would heal eventually and he said Kadens was quite mild.We went out for a meal tonight and Kaden sat well - we had to wait over an hour for our meal and seemed like forever as towards the end of our meal Kaden had had enough and was starting to get unsettled.Here's my boy in his jumperoo!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday 9th February

We had a lazy morning today with the girls not being here.Then the girls came home at 11a.m and we went to nannys for lunch.Nanny had made some tatties and gravy for Kaden,he took a couple of spoons then turned up his nose at it!He's got a new trick when feeding - he chatters all the time while being fed and keeps the food in his mouth.Hopefuly this is a passing phase.Here's Kaden with his sister Regan.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday 8th February

Kaden has been a real star today, he's been great fun!We never ventured out till after lunchtime and even then it was only to pick up our dogs from the dog groomer.The girls were having a sleep over tonight so it was only Mike ,Kaden and i left so we went out for tea and Kaden was so well behaved.He sat in his car seat and just spoke away to us and was quite content.(I never thought i'd see the day as he used to scream any time we went out for a meal - you would almost think he smelt the food and decided to kick off!!)

Thursday 7th February

Kaden has had another day of coughing on and of,but generally he's fine.A normal happy boy.Here's Kaden with his bib on ready for some food - and actually looking at the camera for a change!

Wednesday 6th February

Yesterday afternoon Kaden coughed a few times but i thought it might have been after having tubes down his throat during his operation.When he woke up this morning he started coughing and seemed choked up,so i made an appointment at the doctors to have him checked over.The respiritory doctor had said previously to us if Kaden ever had any signs of any infections go straight to the doctor and get an antibiotic and treat it right away.When we were at the doctors she sounded his chest and said it sounded clear and did i want an antibiotic - which i said yes.(As the hospital doctor said he wouldn't recommend an antibiotic for any child but if like Kaden your child has only 1 good lung its better to treat right away and be safe rather than sorry.)Kaden got a antibiotic to take 3 x daily and so far he seems happy enough.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kaden Post Op

Kaden had a great time while waiting to be discharged.The Clown Doctors came round the ward and entertained the older kids then Kaden got a private showing.He just watched in amazment and babbled a few times!The doctor came round and had a look at Kadens wound and said we could head off home now (1.30p.m).As his wound looked fine and all seemed well with Kaden within himself.They didn't have to mention home twice,i kept his pjamas on and put his coat and hat on and off we went.We were home around 2p.m and it was hard to believe Kaden had been to hospital and had surgery and was home all within a few hours.

Here's Kaden post op about 1hour later - playing with 1 of the hospital toys.(how come they always prefer things that aren't theirs?)

Tuesday 5th February

We set off for hospital at 7.40a.m and got a parking space close to the hospital for a change!Kaden was weighed on arrival and shown through to the Day Ward.My Boy now weighs 11lbs 15oz!!The anethatist came round and discussed the procedure for putting Kaden to sleep and Kaden was scheduled for 1st on the list.Which meant we had to head down to the operating theatre after 9a.m.(I was so glad Kaden was 1st as it meant it was all over and done with,and saves alot of hanging around.)I went into the anesthetic room with Kaden and had him sat on my knee.They put on Thomas the Tank on the T.V for him to watch - and like Wyatt he too was fighting the gas and taking a while to drift off to sleep.Thankfuly after about 3/4 hour Kaden was ready to be transferred upstairs to the ward.I went downstairs with the nurse and brought a sleepy boy back upstairs.Kaden was a bit grisly for the 1st 1/2 hour and then he settled down and fell asleep.Once he woke up he was in a great mood and he got a bolus feed to which he never even cryed with.Which is quite unusual and he was the same with his next feed also.(maybe it's just a coinsidence?)Here's Kaden all gowned up ready for surgery.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Kaden on the Phone

Monday 4th February

Here's Kaden trying to work out how his phone works - he doesn't need to ask me?Once i start i forget to come off the phone!
Good Luck Wyatt for tommorrow - We'll be thinking about you all!

Monday 4th February

Today the Aberdeen weather has been quite good even with a few sunny spells!Kadens been good so far today - i wish i could say the same for one of our dogs - she had a real party when i went out to collect a parcel!!It was like Bayruit when i came home.She managed to pull our left over chinese meal from last night onto the floor and eat it,then spill and smash the sugar bowl at the same time,and then she decided to raid my bin and chew a dirty nappy!!I have spent forever trying to clean the kitchen floor!Never mind Kadens Jumperoo arrived today so i had fun trying to put it together - here's Kaden in his jumperoo.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

' Our Boy '

Saturday 2nd February 2008

We woke up to a covering of snow today and boy was it cold.
Kadens been quite settled over the last few days.His Gastrostomy wound seems to be weeping a little bit and keeps scaring but they said at the hospital it can take upto 3 - 4 months to heal properly as it's like a foreign object to the body and it tries to fight it off.Two more days at home before we head for the hospital again for hopefuly Kadens final operation - to fix his right sided hernia.Here's a picture of Kaden in his bed being 'Super Boy'.