Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Kaden woke up at 4.30a.m coughing on Monday morning and bringing some of his feed up again.So once the doctors opened i took him there for them to check him over.In the car on the way to the doctors he was sick everywhere.The doctor checked him over,his ears his temp and throat.Apart from Kadens throat being a bit red he said he was full of the cold but just to keep an eye on him and if he slept more than normal or was bringing up his feeds to take him straight back.
The rest of the day he coughed and was unsettled but kept his feeds down...thank goodness as he cant afford to loose any more weight.Kaden was weighed on admission to hospital and he's 17lbs 2oz and back in June he weighed 17lbs 10 oz,i'm a little concerned so i've got the physio tommorrow with Kaden so i'll see if i can talk to the dietition.

Hospital Stay

We went home to get some clothes for Kadens stay in hospital and then headed straight back.Once at the hospital the nurse took us through to the admissions ward.She took some detail about Kaden and told us a doctor woul be with us shortly.Not long after the doctor came round and i expalind about Kaden over the last few days.He said he was glad the doctor had admitted Kaden as he was dehydrated.So their plan was to put him, on a drip over night through his gasrostomy.And if allwas well Kaden would get home the following day.They started his drip at 25mls per hour to see if he could tollerate that,and after a few hours they upped it to 50mls per hour which he kept down.The admission ward is such a busy ward i could hardly sleep with people coming and going all night,i had a pull down bed next to Kaden which was fine.I got up at 5.30a.m as i couldn't sleep any longer and waited for the doctors rounds.Around 9a.m the doctors came round and checked him over and said we were to start his feeds again and if he kept all his feeds down during the day he would get home.Thankfully Kaden kept all his feeds down so we got home around tea-time.With a 24hour access to go back to the hospital if we were concerned with him.

Home again

We arrived home from our holidays to Australia on Friday tea-time...To pouring rain!!We all had a great holiday and tried to pack in as much as we could in a short space of time.The weather was great.Each day we got up and headed for somewhere different.We went to Hilarys Harbour to the underwater aquarium,and also Aventure world and the girls got their picture taken with a Koala.We also went to Caversham Park ,which was a wildlife park and there was a whole lot of different animals to see there.The kids loved the Kangaroos which were in an enclosure you could walk through and feed fact they liked the park so much the day we checked out of our hotel we went back to the park for a visit before returning home.The day we were leaving Kaden woke up with a high temperature,so i gave him some calpol.Out flight was 10.30p.m so i though he would sleep on the flight as we intende to use his feeding pump overnight.During the flight Kaden was very unsettled and was sick a number of times so we turned off his pump.Once on our next flight Kaden still had a high temperature and was still unsettled.So we continued to starve him until we arrived home.All day Saturday Kaden slept and hardly lifted his head,and if anyone picked him up he would throw himself backwards.So by teatime i called the on call doctors who told me they wanted to see him.We took him to the surgery which is just opposite the hospital.The doctor said his temperature was fine and his ears were okay but she was going to admitt him to hospital because of his history.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From 3 to 4

We found out a few weeks ago - i'm pregnant(total surprise!)Today i had my 12 week scan.I explained i'm anxouis about this pregnancy,just incase anything should/would be wrong.They have booked me in for an amnio at 16 weeks and thereafter i have a scan booked for 20 weeks and 22 weeks.The doctor also booked my c-section today for the 15th April 2009 - sounds ages away but'll soon come round.At the scan today they couldnt tell quite yet if all is well but hopefuly by next time we'll have a better idea.We're just keeping our finger crossed all will be well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Countdown

The countdown is on - 2 more days until we're off to Australia for a holiday.We cant wait.Hopefuly Kaden will sleep most of the flight,it's going to be a long 17 hour flight if not!!Today in Scotland it's pretty grey and windy,so hopefuly in Oz we'll get some better weather - it cant be any worse than here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kadens physio appointment

Kaden had an appointment with the physio this morning.He seemed to cope really well...although still a few tears.The physio has been working on his flexability,getting to stand and bend.Kaden was in a room with all brightly coloured soft play type equiptment...which he seemed to be happy enough with.He did cry from time to time and looked at me as if to say HELP MUM!!It makes me feel guilty when she's trying to work him hard and he's upset - but it's for Kadens own good and benefit in the long run.All in all the physio seemed happy enough with Kaden and said just to keep working with him and his mobility.Kaden has become a master at his bum shuffling,he can now go at some speed so nothing is safe.The pysio made an appointment for the end of October to see Kaden again.So from here on in we'll just keep working with Kaden at home until he becomes a bit stronger.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Kaden has become quite funny these days.He follows me everywhere on his little train,and opens the cupboards in the kitchen and pull things out.I cant even go to the bathroom but a little face appears at the door!He was in the kitchen yesterday with his hand in the dogs bowl throwing her food everywhere,(if its not his hands thats in her bowl its his feet)and having a little taste at the same time!!If he's not spinning around on his train he's bum shuffling across the floor (which he's perfecting at a good speed also).I suppose i should be making the most of it while he's not walking ,as he'll be 100 times worse when he is!

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