Monday, May 24, 2010

Home from Holidays

Kadens had a great few weeks in Florida,we went there on the 7th-21st May.The weather was great and we went to Disney and just chilled out.On our way there when we arrived at Gatwick i realised i had forgot to pack his overnight pump machine for his feeds - i was devestated as this was the MOST important item.Before we had left the dietition had mentioned not taking it and seeing how he went without it,but Kaden hardly eats anything and i couldnt see how he'd survive for 2 weeks without it?Never mind we had no choice.We just gave him 2 or 3 bolus feeds of milk a day and also some of water.He did eat some things like the odd slice of cheese and crisps and biscuits.Overall i dont really know if he lost alot of weight as he's so thin anyway - but now we're home he's back on his night feeds for now.
Here's a photo of Kaden & Jaxon last night after their bath.