Thursday, March 11, 2010


Kaden had his back brace fitted on the 2nd March - so far so good.He's not so keen to get it on 1st thing in the morning but i suppose in time it'll just be something he's used to and it'll be like putting his shoes on?Anyway the day he got it fitted he had to try it on to make sure it fitted properly.The length wasn't too bad but she wanted to trim a bit more off the bottom and round the hole for his gastrostomy.Then once she had done that she had to fit elastic to one side to make it fit.After alot of hanging around he got his final fitting and the lady was happy with how it fits.
Now Kaden has wears it all day and night until around 4p.m then we take it off for around 4 hours then put it back on.Generally he's happy enough to keep it on all the time.To look at Kaden you wouldn't know he's wearing it.
We have a hospital check up in Edinburgh on the 28th April to see how thing are doing - he'll get an x-ray and meet the consultant again to see if he's happy with the progress.
Then next week its Jaxons 1st Birthday on the 8th April - we can hardly believe where the last year has gone!
Then on the 7th May we're off to Florida for 2 weeks for a holiday - Cant wait!!Here's some pics of the boys yesterday wearing turquoise for CDH Awareness Day which is held every year 31st March.In one of the photo's i took of Kaden he had appeared wearing his sisters purple hairband which he's taken a shine to!!