Friday, July 10, 2009

Respiritory Clinic

Kaden had the respiritory clinic yesterday.When we arrived Kaden got his height and weight checked...his weight is 21lbs 3oz which shocked me as i thought he would be heavier,and his height is 85c.m.The doctor he saw gave Kaden a good look over and sounded his chest.He said Kaden seemed to be fine breathing wise but mentioned his scholiosis.I said we're waiting on the results of the Mri which was done some weeks ago.We have an appointment at the hospital on the 6th August @ the othopedics.I asked if his spine looked bad and he said yes as Kaden is young and it tends to get worse as they get older and it can affect the lungs.He said just too wait and see what the specialist says.
One hurdle jumped and then another cropps up.Hopefuly it wont be as bad as we think.I took some photo's of the boys today with Kaden allover his brother as usual.

Monday, July 6, 2009

First day of Holidays

Today is the first day of the school holidays - so far so good.The girls went to the carnivals with their friends and the boys and i had a quiet afternoon at home.The weather here in the UK this past few weeks has been great its been lovely and warm and sunny for a change.When its been hot we've done plenty of walking with the boys and its been like being on holiday.Speaking of hols were off to Majorca on the 15th July..the girls cant wait.In fact i think we are all ready for a break and change of routine.
Kaden has the hospital this week on Thursday to the respiritory clinic,since last visit he's had 2 addmission into hospital so we'll see what they say,as the year before he had no hospital stays and they dismissed him for a year.
Just now Kadens into climbing.Brooke was in the garage sorting out a tent and Kaden was with her but disappeared and i came out to look for him,he was standing on the picnic table!!Then the day after he had thrown the ball out of our front garden onto the road and was standing on the wall shoting and pointing at it.Where in the process of getting prices to get a fence put ontop of the wall to keep Mr Menace in.
He's a great help with Jaxon getting nappies and wipes and such when he's not actually lying ontop of him trying to give him a hug or his dummy.
We aslo had a little drama on Saturday night with Kaden.He was on his machine in his bed and i went out of the room and left Brooke there with him.Brooke decided she'd go and get something from another room and left him and when i came through my boy was at the bottom of the bed ready to climb off with the machine which had fell down the back of the bed and he'd pulled his g-tube right out of his tummy - Boy what a panic...So grabbing a spare tube we have Mike held Kaden down and i had to do the nnedful and put a new one in as the hole closes really quick.Every time so far when Kadens had his tube changed the nurse says do you want to do it,but i'm quite happy to watch.This time i had no choice but to do it and really its easy its just the thought of it.For holidays incase it should happen again we're taking 2 spare ones.And as far as Kadens feeding goes during the day the dietition told me to stop them as i had called her regarding feeds for holiday and changing the quantaties for carrying,she said because Kaden was only getting 70ml bolous once a day we can leave it out as its only 70 calories.And when he's at the hospital this week we'll get him weighed to keep an eye on his Kaden with no clothes on is something else,he look like someone out of a concentration camp he's sooooo thin.