Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'Happy New Year'

I got a phone call from the newspaper Yesterday - saying they were looking over some stories they have done in the past,and would it be ok for them to do a follow up on Kaden.So today a photographer came round to take some photos.Kaden was not amused!!He wanted some pics of Kaden standing.Kaden kept making a run for the stairs...this is Kadens new trick - climbing the stairs (All day long!).
Hopefuly he got a few decent photo's.
I also had the midwife today for a check-up.All went well,she checked the babys heartbeat and also my blood pressure which normaly kreeps up later in pregnacy.But today she said my blood pressurewas the lowest she'd seen it...which is great.My next appointment to see the midwife is in 4 weeks for bloods - something i'm not keen on,but has to be done.
'Happy New Year' to all from the Browns xx

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to Normal

I can hardly believe our litle man turned 17 months on Christmas day and Christmas has been and gone!!We had a quiet Christmas and Boxing day just eating and chillin,it was great...just my usual as my husband would say,doing nothing,HA HA If only!!Kaden and the girls got spoiled again and were happy with their presents.Kaden got a table with a train set on it which he LOVES.
Here's some pictures of Xmas day and Boxing day - Oh and i almost forgot, i got a camera for my Christmas so i've been getting plenty of practise taking pics!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Under the weather

Kaden has been off colour since the weekend.He's been sleeping alot during the day and unsettled at night.For the past 2 nights i've slept in the lounge from around 3a.m with Kaden as he's been crying constantly and poor Mikes been trying to grab some sleep before heading to his work.
Kaden has had a temperature and he's also been sick.We were suppost to change his milk this week after stopping it over the weekend to see if it was the milk that was making him sick.But now i think he's picked up a bug which will just take time to shift.
I called the dietition today to cancel an appointment Kaden had for Thursday as his new milk will need different packs for his continuious night feed - so they wer going to show me how to use them.But as i said to her Kadens still not right and i'd rather wait until he's better to change his milk,as i get a delivery on Tuesday.
Kaden is lying sleeping as i write this and he's not a happy chappie at the moment and it's so hard trying to get anything done without him crying when i put him down.
Hopefuly tomorrow he'll feel better.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Remembering All Angels'

Tonight at 7 p.m the girls lit candles - Rembering all babies who have been taken away prematurly,and who are now angels.Babies such as Skyla and Elli and Faith,Kaden who all passed away this year due to CDH.There are many more Angels out there who have had other issues,so tonight we have been rembering them all.They will NEVER be forgotten.

'Merry Xmas From Kaden'

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Kaden went to the physio yesterday.She just really observed his movements and played with him.Kaden HATES physio.He's fine until the lady goes near him or moves him.We started off in the big gym type room,and then she moved rooms to one with lots of lights and a disco ball.She put all the lights on and put off the bright light and Kaden was not impressed.Kaden seems to be coming along well,slow but sure - and hes only 16 1/2 months so hopefuly soon he'll be walking.Recently Kaden has been walking round the furniture and showing more interest in walking so hopefuly it wont be long.She made an appointment to see us again the beginning of February.
Our only main concern is still his feeding.Yesterday the dietition met with us and changed his milk for during the day to a higher calorie feed and we have to give him less of a bolus during the day so hopefuly he'll be more hungry.We never have 2 days the same at mealtimes.Sometimes Kaden will eat a few spoons the next he keeps his mouth firmly closed.This is another thing that will come - one day.If all goes well with his new milk they will chance his overnight feeds to the same milk.This will make life a bit easier as the overnight feed comes in a pack and i'll just ned to hang it up.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sorry about the pictures,i've just noticed they are upside down - and being a woman i dont know how to correct it!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had my detailed scan yersterday.All looks fine and the baby seems to be growing well.The sonographer had a good look over the baby and measured the head,thigh bone and other areas.She said everything looks fine,but they will check the babys heart in detail at my next scan in 2 weeks.We asked if the stomach was in the right place and she said yes 'why do you ask this'.We told her our last baby was born with a diaphragmatic hernia,so she reasured us the diagphram was there,but this is something they will keep an eye on in future scans.
On to Kaden - he's a little monkey he is into everything!!Today he was in the bedroom trying to put his sisters hairband on (shhhhh dont tell his dad!)
And this weekend Brooke ,Kadens oldest sister is 13 - so shes having some friend over for a sleepover so we'll have a busy house.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kaden and His Best Friend

Kaden is on the move at the speed of lightning nowadays(on his bottom).He follows the dog around like a sheep and she LOVES him as she gets plenty of titbits.He has started stroking her and touching her sometimes more gently than others.The other day i was at the cooker and he was right next to the dog looking out of the back door slapping the side of her(thinking he was being gentle).He also throws her food allover the floor - he's a nightmare,i need eyes in the back of my head!!
Last night we had a night out - a leaving party for a freind of mine who's emmigrating to Austrailia next week.We all went and Kaden stayed awake and was quite happy looking around watching everything that was going on.On the way home the snow was coming down and the kids were desperate to get up in the morning to see if the snow was lying thick.
We woke up the snow lying today much to the girls delight and Kaden's been loving looking out the window watching his sisters playing in it.
I got the 2nd results back yesterday of my ammnio and the baby is fine and has no genetic disorders.
Thats a big weight off my mind.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Check up

Kaden had the hospital on Monday for a neo-natal check up and a button change.The doctor from the neo-natal had Kadens height and weight done.His weight was 8.56kg.She was pleased with the way he's progressing as far as development goes.She said he was tall but slight in weight.She asked if he was pointing at things and saying words yet.As far as words goes he tries everything.He can say car,dog ,dad,mum,gaga (grandpa),he certainly tries to repeat words.She said overall she's not too concerned over anything at the moment but she wants to see him in 3 months.She said the only thing she would have put us forward for was physio,but since he already goes to physio she's quite happy.
Then on Wednesday Kaden had a check-up with the surgeon.He just asked some questions about how Kaden was getting on and if we were happy with his progress.Which we said his feeding is an issue,but as the surgeon says we just have to be patient and one day it'll come.Although saying that recently Kaden has been more intersted in eating orally - very runny food but at least he opens his mouth now.
The surgeon says he'll see Kaden in 9 months just to keep a tab on him,but from a surgical point of view he's happy with the outcome.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm getting lazy with Kadens blog these days...i don't mean to but i always think i'll do it later,and a week passes so quickly.And i have no excuse this week as we have been hanging around the house alot!
Kaden is back to normal cheeky self,looking and feeling alot better.Kaden has the hospital next week to see the surgeon and also for his 12 month + neo-natal check.
This week also i had an amnio done...i had one done with Kaden because i had to,but this time i asked for one just to check everything is ok.I had forgotten what it's like to have an amnio and i was terrified,but really i shouldn't have worried.The staff at the hospital are so great at taking your mind off it when your getting the procedure done and it only takes around 5 minutes or so.
The nurse said to take it easy for the next wee while,and she would phone me hopefuly within 3 days with the 1st set of results.
Yesterday that long awaited call came,and she said the first results had came through and were fine...meaning the baby has not got Down Syndrome,Edwards or Patau.Which has been a great relief.
The nurse said the final results of the test should come back in around 2 - 2 1/2 weeks,as they have to grow these cells.So fingers crossed they'll come back ok too,although she did say if the 1st set of results are fine very rarely do they find a problem with the 2nd heres hoping!
I would scan in my sono picture but i'm not too sure how to,maybe i'll get my husband to show me later.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Kaden woke up at 4.30a.m coughing on Monday morning and bringing some of his feed up again.So once the doctors opened i took him there for them to check him over.In the car on the way to the doctors he was sick everywhere.The doctor checked him over,his ears his temp and throat.Apart from Kadens throat being a bit red he said he was full of the cold but just to keep an eye on him and if he slept more than normal or was bringing up his feeds to take him straight back.
The rest of the day he coughed and was unsettled but kept his feeds down...thank goodness as he cant afford to loose any more weight.Kaden was weighed on admission to hospital and he's 17lbs 2oz and back in June he weighed 17lbs 10 oz,i'm a little concerned so i've got the physio tommorrow with Kaden so i'll see if i can talk to the dietition.

Hospital Stay

We went home to get some clothes for Kadens stay in hospital and then headed straight back.Once at the hospital the nurse took us through to the admissions ward.She took some detail about Kaden and told us a doctor woul be with us shortly.Not long after the doctor came round and i expalind about Kaden over the last few days.He said he was glad the doctor had admitted Kaden as he was dehydrated.So their plan was to put him, on a drip over night through his gasrostomy.And if allwas well Kaden would get home the following day.They started his drip at 25mls per hour to see if he could tollerate that,and after a few hours they upped it to 50mls per hour which he kept down.The admission ward is such a busy ward i could hardly sleep with people coming and going all night,i had a pull down bed next to Kaden which was fine.I got up at 5.30a.m as i couldn't sleep any longer and waited for the doctors rounds.Around 9a.m the doctors came round and checked him over and said we were to start his feeds again and if he kept all his feeds down during the day he would get home.Thankfully Kaden kept all his feeds down so we got home around tea-time.With a 24hour access to go back to the hospital if we were concerned with him.

Home again

We arrived home from our holidays to Australia on Friday tea-time...To pouring rain!!We all had a great holiday and tried to pack in as much as we could in a short space of time.The weather was great.Each day we got up and headed for somewhere different.We went to Hilarys Harbour to the underwater aquarium,and also Aventure world and the girls got their picture taken with a Koala.We also went to Caversham Park ,which was a wildlife park and there was a whole lot of different animals to see there.The kids loved the Kangaroos which were in an enclosure you could walk through and feed fact they liked the park so much the day we checked out of our hotel we went back to the park for a visit before returning home.The day we were leaving Kaden woke up with a high temperature,so i gave him some calpol.Out flight was 10.30p.m so i though he would sleep on the flight as we intende to use his feeding pump overnight.During the flight Kaden was very unsettled and was sick a number of times so we turned off his pump.Once on our next flight Kaden still had a high temperature and was still unsettled.So we continued to starve him until we arrived home.All day Saturday Kaden slept and hardly lifted his head,and if anyone picked him up he would throw himself backwards.So by teatime i called the on call doctors who told me they wanted to see him.We took him to the surgery which is just opposite the hospital.The doctor said his temperature was fine and his ears were okay but she was going to admitt him to hospital because of his history.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From 3 to 4

We found out a few weeks ago - i'm pregnant(total surprise!)Today i had my 12 week scan.I explained i'm anxouis about this pregnancy,just incase anything should/would be wrong.They have booked me in for an amnio at 16 weeks and thereafter i have a scan booked for 20 weeks and 22 weeks.The doctor also booked my c-section today for the 15th April 2009 - sounds ages away but'll soon come round.At the scan today they couldnt tell quite yet if all is well but hopefuly by next time we'll have a better idea.We're just keeping our finger crossed all will be well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Countdown

The countdown is on - 2 more days until we're off to Australia for a holiday.We cant wait.Hopefuly Kaden will sleep most of the flight,it's going to be a long 17 hour flight if not!!Today in Scotland it's pretty grey and windy,so hopefuly in Oz we'll get some better weather - it cant be any worse than here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kadens physio appointment

Kaden had an appointment with the physio this morning.He seemed to cope really well...although still a few tears.The physio has been working on his flexability,getting to stand and bend.Kaden was in a room with all brightly coloured soft play type equiptment...which he seemed to be happy enough with.He did cry from time to time and looked at me as if to say HELP MUM!!It makes me feel guilty when she's trying to work him hard and he's upset - but it's for Kadens own good and benefit in the long run.All in all the physio seemed happy enough with Kaden and said just to keep working with him and his mobility.Kaden has become a master at his bum shuffling,he can now go at some speed so nothing is safe.The pysio made an appointment for the end of October to see Kaden again.So from here on in we'll just keep working with Kaden at home until he becomes a bit stronger.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Kaden has become quite funny these days.He follows me everywhere on his little train,and opens the cupboards in the kitchen and pull things out.I cant even go to the bathroom but a little face appears at the door!He was in the kitchen yesterday with his hand in the dogs bowl throwing her food everywhere,(if its not his hands thats in her bowl its his feet)and having a little taste at the same time!!If he's not spinning around on his train he's bum shuffling across the floor (which he's perfecting at a good speed also).I suppose i should be making the most of it while he's not walking ,as he'll be 100 times worse when he is!

My Bubba

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Park

Kaden had great fun yesterday...the sun actually shone at this end of the wolrd for a change!So we took a nice long walk to the park and the girls and mike went on their bikes.We walked along the old railway line to get to the park which took about 30 minutes.Once we arrived at the park the girls got an ice-cream and we headed for the swings.Kaden LOVES the swings.He also went on an basket type swing with the girls which he also LOVED.And once it was time to head off home and take him off the swing he started crying.
We headed back home via the railway line again,but mike and brooke got impatient waiting on Regan,Kaden and i so they cycled off home and left us to walk at our own speed...which wasn't very fast.Never mind we all made it home eventually.
A great day had by all.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Kaden had the physio at the hospital yesterday.He did really well.She had him doing his sitting to standing,and played with some coloured cubes and a giant ball.The physio said he was doing real well and she could see a big difference from last time.She also said to get him to use his walker more - to get him used to walking pushing something.Kaden actualy didn't cry (as much) as usual,he played quite happy until she tryed to get him to crawl...and then he lost it!!The physio said Kaden's pelvis is still wobbly and she'd like to see him in a month,but because we're on holiday she's made a appointment for the 1st October.Then his next appointments at the hospital is November for a 12months+ neo-natal check and an appointment with the surgeon.
Kaden is sitting at my feet as i write this throwing sweeties allover the i gave him a tin of sweets to play with to keep him amused,and they certainly have.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cheeky monkey

Kaden is getting cheekier by the day - he looks at you with his big eyes and cheeky grin.As of the last few days Kadens cold has all but gone.His feeding is improving,slow but sure.He has the physio on that'll is something he hates - anything with a bit of effort put into it!!
Kaden got a little winnie the pooh sit on train for his birthday - and he's just worked out how to use it with no help.(he LOVES it!)Yesterday i took a video of him whizzing around the lounge on it,and also took some photos.
As i write this my boy has my car keys and is scrapping them up and down his dad's office cream walls...never mind that's what boys are here for making a mess!!Never mind daddys blue eyed boy will get away with it - and knowing his dad he won't even notice!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

'Another Angel'

We were so sorry to hear today that Elliott Arcile Reed passed away after a brave fight against CDH.
Please pray for Brian & Cassi Elli's mum and dad and family as they go through this sad time.
Elliott Arcile Reed 19/08/08 - 8/09/08

Friday, September 5, 2008

'1 Year Today'

One year ago today Kaden got home from hospital.We can hardly believe where time has gone!!When we look back at Kaden then and look at him now it's hard to believe what he's been through.These days Kaden continues to take steps in the right direction and it's great to watch his every move.He can finally say mama,as for the last few months all i've heard was dada and it was wearing a little thin!!ha ha.Kaden also loves playing with his football and he can say ball.
His feeding seems to be coming along,with Kaden being a bit more interested in food -when he see's the girls with food he come flying over in his babywalker.And he also will take a good few spoons before he shakes his head!(although saying that he doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive)so we'll just be patient and one day it'll come - in his own time.
What a difference a year makes!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stuffy nose

Kaden over the last few days has been unsettled during the night and been quite sick in the morning.He's also had some very runny nappies and been coughing.So today i called to get an appointment with the doctor.After looking in his ears and checking his temperature(which was fine)she said to keep an eye on him as far as his cough goes incase he has got croup.And to give him calpol to avoid him getting a temperature.She said if he didn't improve by Friday to go back to have him checked over before the weekend just to be on the safe side.Although his nose has been streaming constantly and he's been coughing he's seems happy enough within himself.He also had a hospital appointment today to get his button changed as it has been leaking for a few weeks now.That took all of ten minutes and we were off back home again.
As i write this Kadens whizzing around on his baby walker touching everything insight and quite pleased with himself!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Kaden hasn't really been too fussed about eating as of late - but we still persivere every day.Today Kaden had some yogurt at lunchtime and seemed to quite enjoy it (a few spoons is better than nothing).He enjoyed sticking his fingers in it more and smearing it allover his highchair.He also to a few licks of a cheesy crisp and threw the rest overboard for the dogs (Kadens best friends, as they know they'll get what he chucks over!!).

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Kaden had his 13 month injections yesterday - he got his Mumps,Measles & Rubella,and also pneumococcal which he got one in each leg.He cryed at first but stopped very quickly.Thats the last of the injections for a while until he's 3 years and 4 months.After the doctors appointment we headed home in the pouring rain and decided to stay put all day.Once home Kaden was a happy boy,although he was sick all over his clothes once he was fed.So i changed him into his PJ's and we just chilled out the rest of the day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'Four CDH Babies Born'

Congratulations to three families who have had very special little babies with Cdh - who were all born on the same day 19/8/08.Baby Will,Baby Elliott and Baby Kaden.
Good luck and Best wishes to you all!!
I also just heard today another baby with cdh was born in Glasgow Scotland last week - Her name is Jo and she was 5lb 2oz,and she had her hernia repair done yesterday.So far she's sedated and the doctors are waking her up on Thursday!!
Please keep all these babies in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

'End of Summer'

Well this is the end of summer this end of the world in more ways than one!!The first day back to school for all the children and another wet and wild day.Brooke started high school for the first time today and Regan went into Primary 6.They were desperate to go back to school to see their friends again.The way the weeks are flying in it won't be long before Kadens off to school!It's all down hill from here on in as far as the weather goes.The nights will start getting dark from next month onwards.We are just waiting for the next school holidays to come round - as we're off to Austrailia for just over 2 weeks.Never mind with Australia on the horizon i think we can cope with the drizzly weather for a bit longer!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Over the last few weeks i am becoming more worried about Kaden.Since he had his fundo done back in January - he wasn't sick at all.But over the last month or so he's starting wrenching every morning about an hour before his pump goes off and being sick.And sometimes it can be a good few mouthfuls.I'm starting to wonder if everythings ok down below - or whether it's because he's wrenching so much he's loosened his fundo??Even during the day during bolus feeds you can see Kaden is uncomfortable and starts whinning even once he sees the syringe coming.Also Kadens button has started leaking again and needs replaced sooner these days so maybe that too has something to do with his wretching??We dont have an appointment with the surgeon until November - but deep down i would like to get Kaden to get an X - Ray just to check everythings ok and still in place.But also i dont want the doctor to think i'm telling him his job?
Kaden also has the Health vistor this week to get 2 jabs - 1 in each leg.So i'm not looking forward to Thursday.
To look at Kaden these days he looks a healthy 1 year old - i hope i'm not worrying over nothing??

Saturday, August 9, 2008

'Happy Campers'

The girls and mike and rio the dog had great fun last night camping out.They actually got a dry night!They went into the tent around 10p.m with a whole lot of goodies for a midnight snack.Even the dog couldn't wait to get in!I went up to Brookes room to close her window about 1/2 hour after they went to the tent - and all i could hear was chatting and laughing and crisp bags rustling!!When i was closing the window i noticed a heagehog running across the road - so out Brooke jumps with her torch trying to see it.A great time was had by all even Kaden and i had a great time - even though it was quieter than usual in the brown household!!Here's some pictures of my happy campers in the tent.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rain,Rain go away

The girls were devestated on Wednesday when they woke up tp torrential rain.There beloved tent was wet inside!!Yesterday it rained on and off too ,so they had to take their duvet and pillows in to dry off.Kaden had some fun playing on Brookes bed (Wednesday) with Brookes Elmo she had from a baby.And today the girls were so glad when they woke up to dry weather...Although first thing this morning we had to go to town to get some final school uniform for them returning to school a week on Tuesday.Once we got home the girls headed straight for the tent armed with the duvet,pillows nad 2 sleeping bags.And i got my orders to try to patch it up.So in the garage i found a tarpaulin which we put over the tent and it fits perfect(its a raincover for a bouncy castle we had)-So the moto is dont throw things out!And at tea-time the sun ventured out.So Kaden had a quick spin in the garden in his car...then in for tea.Usual feeding time and issues with Kaden.We try every day with Kadens oral feeds but he hardly opens his mouth.Today wasn't any different - i tryed him with tomato and ham pasta bake(jar)he took about 2 spoons and turns his head.So then we tried chocolate mousse and the same again about 2 spoons and refuses to have any more.Never mind hopefuly one day soon he'll be asking for seconds!?We live in hope.
Tonight the girls and mike and 1 of our dogs are having a sleepover in the tent - i dont suppose anyone apart from Kaden and I will be sleeping that much!?ha ha

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The last few days have been nice and quiet - doing not much at all.Having long lies in the morning,which has been great as the kids are still off on holidays until the 19th August(so we better make the most of our long lies!)Yesterday the girls were chomping at the bit to take down the trampoline enclosure and put up the tent on top of the trampoline to use as a play tent.When we bought the ramploine we got this tent with it free.And so far it hasn't been used.So the girls and i took down the enclosure and tried to put up th trampoline?Me?and instructions?DONT WORK!!Anyway...we tried our best and put the tent poles in place and once Mike came home we managed to put the tent on the trampoline.The kid are sooooooooo delighted.They were raking round looking for padlocks,torches and a duvet to put in it.First thing this morning guess were they're right the tent.Where they spent most of the day.Apart from getting their breakfast outside on paper plates - i harldy saw them at all,unless they came in for the toilet!Kaden also had great fun in the tent today,i put him in the tent for about 1/2 hour with the girls so i could get the floors washed.He was enjoying it so much i could hear him skweeling inside the house.