Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stuffy nose

Kaden over the last few days has been unsettled during the night and been quite sick in the morning.He's also had some very runny nappies and been coughing.So today i called to get an appointment with the doctor.After looking in his ears and checking his temperature(which was fine)she said to keep an eye on him as far as his cough goes incase he has got croup.And to give him calpol to avoid him getting a temperature.She said if he didn't improve by Friday to go back to have him checked over before the weekend just to be on the safe side.Although his nose has been streaming constantly and he's been coughing he's seems happy enough within himself.He also had a hospital appointment today to get his button changed as it has been leaking for a few weeks now.That took all of ten minutes and we were off back home again.
As i write this Kadens whizzing around on his baby walker touching everything insight and quite pleased with himself!!

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