Thursday, September 24, 2009


I took my oldest daughter to the doctor this week as she was feeling unwell for a few days - lifeless,headache,temperature and sore tummy.I just about fell off my seat when the doctor said she had 'swine flu'!He gave her a course of tami flu tablets to take every 12 hours for a week and to keep her off school for a week and told her she will feel miserable but she will get better.The same day i got a call from the school to go and pick up Regan my younger daughter as she was feeling unwell.Thankfully she seems to be on the mend but i kept her off school anyway.I also kept Kaden off nursery just incase he's carrying anything.I've been worried sick incase the boys will pick up swine flu so poor Brooke has been in her room for a few days.She'e on the mend now and feeling alot better so hopefuly it wasn't swine flu she had and maybe just a bad bug?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eating Clinic

Kaden has the eating clinic we'll see what tomorrow brings as lately hes been eating less and somedays hardly anything.He has to take a teddy with him tomorrow for a teddy bear picnic so hopefuly that will be enjoyable for him.
Kadens great fun at the moment he repeats everything you say he's like a little parrot!
Yesterday i took some pictures of him hugging Jaxon which was nice to get him to sit at peace for a few minutes!The other week i left Jaxon on my bed after feeding him and went through to a different room,to hear Kaden being awful quiet.I went through to the bedroom to find Kaden feeding the baby with a perfume bottle and my poor baby was stinking of perfume and just lying there letting him do it...just wait a few months and Jaxon will be sticking up for himself as he's growing sooooo fast. Normally if Kadens quiet there's something going down as Kadens a little monkey!