Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flying Colours

Sorry for the delay in posting.Kaden got on really well at his hospital check up in Edinburgh.First of all we went to see the lady who made Kadens brace.She checked him over with it on and said he really has grown so hopefuly he will get another 6 months out of it but if we have any concerns with it getting small/tight to let them know as braces normally last from 1 year - 18 months.However by the next time for a checkup which is June he'll have had that brace 15 months.I said to her about his brace digging into his bottom and legs when he was sitting and often marked him with doing the lady took som off the bottom @ the front and back and that seemed to make a difference.
Then Kaden went for an x-ray with his brace on to see what the curve in his spine is with the brace on as last check up it was 25 and this time it was 21!We are so pleased as the brace is doing what it should and preventing his curve from getting worse :) Kaden was a real star from start to finish as he got the x-ray on his own and stood and did exactly what he was told.
Then we went to see the surgeon who asked if we had any concerns which we replied no.He said he was pleased so far with Kadens progress as the curve is now 21 and he said the longer we can keep it straight with the brace the better,as Kaden will still need an operation but hopefuly not until he' in adolesance.
All in all we are so pround and thankful to have our wee star Kaden x

I have posted a photo of Kaden yesterday with his sisters boots on (he's so funny)as we have really bad snow here in Scotland already!.Kadens had a bad cold and cough this week and got an anti-biotic for it so yesterday was really the 1st day he was feeling better since being bedded up most of last week.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hospital for a checkup

Kaden has the hospital tomorrow in Edinburgh for his 6 month check up since having his back brace fitted.Last time his curve was 38 without the brace and 25 with the brace so hopefuly tomorrow it'll be the same or better.We have a early morning ahead as the hospital is a 2.5 - 3 hour drive from here.Fingers crossed all will be well :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bad Blogger

Cant believe i havent blogged about my big boy turning 3 years old!His birthday was on the 25th July and he didnt have a party as such he just had his brother and sisters here and we had some ice-cream cake .Can hardly believe where the last 3 years have gone ~ but anyway we're glad we are where we are now!Here's some pictures of my big birthday boy 'Kaden' x

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Countdown To Kadens 3rd Birthday :)

Two weeks today and my baby boy Kaden will be 3 years old ~ i can hardly believe this time 3 years ago we were on edge waiting for his arrival.I'm so glad things have turned out the way they have and Kaden's thriving.This week we have the hospital to see the respiritory doctor and also Kadens surgeon who has done all Kadens ops up until now.
Hopefuly we'll get a good report on both fronts as Kaden doesnt have any issues at all at the moment apart from the eating side of things and his brace hurdle,but all in all Kadens just a happy normal almost 3 year old who does all the things in life to be expected for a 3 year old.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Home from Holidays

Kadens had a great few weeks in Florida,we went there on the 7th-21st May.The weather was great and we went to Disney and just chilled out.On our way there when we arrived at Gatwick i realised i had forgot to pack his overnight pump machine for his feeds - i was devestated as this was the MOST important item.Before we had left the dietition had mentioned not taking it and seeing how he went without it,but Kaden hardly eats anything and i couldnt see how he'd survive for 2 weeks without it?Never mind we had no choice.We just gave him 2 or 3 bolus feeds of milk a day and also some of water.He did eat some things like the odd slice of cheese and crisps and biscuits.Overall i dont really know if he lost alot of weight as he's so thin anyway - but now we're home he's back on his night feeds for now.
Here's a photo of Kaden & Jaxon last night after their bath.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back Specailist

Kadens consultant yesterday was really pleased with the progress so far with his brace.His curve in his spine was 38 and now its down to 25 within the last 8 weeks.he said its just buying time for the future and preventing the curve from getting worse as he reckons he'll need an operation around the age of 10years old,but he said also things could change and the curve might still worsen which means an operation to have rods inserted and and operation every 6 months to tighten them as he grows:-(but hopefuly this wont be the case - as for now we are sooooooooo pleased with our little star:)xx

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Jaxon!

Happy 1st Birthday Jaxon - can hardly believe my baby boy turned one today!
Love Hugs & Kisses Mummy Daddy,Brooke Regan & Kaden xx

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Kaden had his back brace fitted on the 2nd March - so far so good.He's not so keen to get it on 1st thing in the morning but i suppose in time it'll just be something he's used to and it'll be like putting his shoes on?Anyway the day he got it fitted he had to try it on to make sure it fitted properly.The length wasn't too bad but she wanted to trim a bit more off the bottom and round the hole for his gastrostomy.Then once she had done that she had to fit elastic to one side to make it fit.After alot of hanging around he got his final fitting and the lady was happy with how it fits.
Now Kaden has wears it all day and night until around 4p.m then we take it off for around 4 hours then put it back on.Generally he's happy enough to keep it on all the time.To look at Kaden you wouldn't know he's wearing it.
We have a hospital check up in Edinburgh on the 28th April to see how thing are doing - he'll get an x-ray and meet the consultant again to see if he's happy with the progress.
Then next week its Jaxons 1st Birthday on the 8th April - we can hardly believe where the last year has gone!
Then on the 7th May we're off to Florida for 2 weeks for a holiday - Cant wait!!Here's some pics of the boys yesterday wearing turquoise for CDH Awareness Day which is held every year 31st March.In one of the photo's i took of Kaden he had appeared wearing his sisters purple hairband which he's taken a shine to!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Weekend

Kaden's big sister Regan was 12 years old on Saturday.She had a little party with some of her friends round.They went out in the limo for an hour and came home and ate pizza and some snacks and then she had a sleepover.
She was so excited we had to scrape her off the roof..Lol.Anyway they behaved pretty well and didn't make too much noise.
Cant believe she's 12 already - where does time go!!And cant belive my baby Jaxon will be 1 in April!
Kaden has the hospital in Edinburgh on Tuesday 2nd March for a fitting of his brace so that'll be the next thing.On the whole Kaden's doing really apart from the eating front.I'm sure it will come one day.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Edinburgh Hospital

Kaden had an appointment at Edinburgh hospital on Wednesday to get a cast made for a brace for his back.First challenge was finding the hospital as we are around a 2.5 hour drive away.Someone had called on Monday to say there was a cancellation slot if we would like to take it so i thought the sooner the better...Although Mike was busy at his work so my mother-in-law and i went down.Which meant me driving armed with a sat nav i didnt know how to use!LolEventually after asking a few people we got to the hospital around 1/2 hour early.We went in to the reception and the woman sent us off in the right direction.Our appointment was 2.30p.m and about 2.50p.m my mother-in-law said i think you better ask if your waiting in the right area.So i asked a lady who told me we were in the wrong area we should have been along the corridor.
We went through to the right area and around 5 minutes later they were ready for Kaden.The lady explained to Kaden what she was going to do and he had to lie on a special table and after he'd get a lollypop.He seemed fine with this so we went through to another room where the special table was.Once in the room i had to remove all his clothes and lift him on the table.The table looked like a scaffold with 2 thin strips of material running along itThe nurse the put a tight fitting body stocking on Kaden.Kaden was having none of it he was histerical.One nusre held his legs and i had to hold his arms above his head and the put a strap under his chin and pulled it tight and hooked it to the top of the bed.(If was awful to watch but had to be done as it save him having to get another anesthetic done and another stay in hospital.)The nurse marked in pen where his gastrostomy is and his hip are and then she started wrapping him in warm bandages.Once the cast had hardened she took a knife and cut it off right up the middle.Then Kaden was free to go...Thank goodness.It felt like i was tortureing him but its really for his own good.Once off the table Kaden calmed down as he was sweating with crying.But him and me couldn't wait to get out of the room.
The nurse said she'll send an appointment to get the brace fitted..Yet again at a different hospital in Edinburgh.Then the appointment after that will be longer as Kaden will need an X-Ray done to see if its doing what it should be.And he'll also need to see the specialist.
I'm glad its all over for now...and we'll have a few weeks maybe before the next hurdle.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow,Snow Go Away

Here in Scotland at the moment the weather has been miserable and cold with plenty of Snow.Kaden and Jaxon have both got the cold just now and in fact i kept Kaden off nursery today as his nusery tends to be a bit chilly.So i thought i'd keep him and the girls off school to save us all hiking out in the cold.Kaden was awake most of last night coughing...but so far tonight he's sleeping like a log.Here's hoping he'll sleep all night and won't waken up with a coughing fit.
I'm posting some pictures of my new toy(lol)for Jaxon - his new highchair which came today.I'm soooooooo seems to like it anyway and so does Kaden as he too had a little shot in it and watched some t.v.
Kaden also helped do a little cooking today with his cooks outfit he got for Xmas...he LOVES a mess!!
Hope everyone had a fab New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010