Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Week

Kadens had a busy week this week.He got his haircut on Saturday (to stop people calling him a girl)and sat like a champ.Then on tuesday he had hs first day at nursery which went not too bad.He went in no problem and seemed ok when i left.I called around an hour later and the lady said he was fine had been in tears a few times but was ok.When i went to pick him up he came running over to me and then disappeared and came back holding a painting he had done.Once we left he seemed quite happy at the thought of going back again on thursday for another morning session.But today he was keen enough to go in but not so keen to stay without me.As i was leaving he came over and held his hand up for me to hold it and take him with me and then when he relised he was staying he started crying and i was ushered out of the room to be told he'll be broke my heart to see my baby crying.When i went back for him the ladys said he wasn't as settled as tuesday but was ok with a few tears along the way.I suppose its to be expected that there are tears to start with and once he's used to his surroundings he'll be fine...or here's hoping.
On wednesday Kaden also had his 2 year check up at the healthvisitors.She seemed happy with his speech and movement and his progress and said she would review his speech again in 3 months to keep me happy but by then she says he'll probably be speaking in sentences.
We've also been busy in our house this week as we are putting our house up for sale next week so we've been tidying up and disposing of alot of unneeded junk we've hoarded along the way.
So hopefuly this time next month the house will be sold as we have bought another one about 10 minutes away with more room for the growing but stopped growing brown brood!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surgeon follow up

Kaden had a follow up with the surgeon today just for him to check on Kadens progress.He's quite happy with the way things are as far Kadens growth is.Kaden for height is average and he's still following below the bottom line of the chart for his weight which the surgeon seems happy enough with - he said its just his makeup.He asked about his feeding and how much hes eating.That varies from day to day.Kaden will put anything in his mouth but is not too good with swallowing hes better with things that meltsuch as digestives and butter,mini chedders, cheese slices,chocolate.We had a laugh with the Dr as i told him we went out for tea last night and Kaden had a tiny bite of my burger,and as we drove home he fell asleep so i put him straight into his bed.Then this morning i was changing his nappy and getting him dressed and i saw him chewing something and i said what have you got in your mouth and he opened his mouth and there was the piece of burger from last night!!Yuck!!
The surgeon also showed me Kadens x-rays from when he was born up until today and he thinks the curve in his spine wasnt present at bith but has got worse since 08 into 09.He says its probably in hie genes an he also has a pectus which normally comes hand in hand with a diaphramatic hernia.He also said if the surgeon in Edinbugh wishes to talk with him about Kaden past surgery his is quite happy to talk to him about it.He also said surgery regarding scholiosis is normally NOT rushed into and is normally done around adolesance.
So now its just the waiting game.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Kaden had the hospital on Thursday last week for the results of his MRI Scan.The doctor said the MRI showed Kaden has NO abnormalities of the spine which is great news.He said he wanted another X-ray done which was done the same day.The doctor we met specializes in Club feet and other fields in Othopedics but not scholiosis.He said he would put Kaden forward to meet the Specialist surgeon in Edinburgh and we will have to take it from there and discuss all our options.He said we dont have to jump into an operation tomorrow but its something we might need to think about for the near future.
Another hurdle for poor kaden to get over as if he's not been through enough!Never mind we are so blessed to have our special boy with us.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hols All Over Once Again

Back to the wet rainy Scotland once again!We came home from our holidays on Wednesday after a great 2 week break and great weather every day.The girls had a great time spending most days in the pool.Kaden also loved the water which was a suprise as he never would go in on previous occassions...and we didn't take any swim gear for him as we thought we were waisting our time but he proved us wrong.Jaxon on the other hand had other ideas as he only went in the water once as he wasn't keen on the cold water yet at home he loves the bath.
Time seems to just fly by these days as i cant believe the kids only have 3 weeks left of the summer holidays as already they have had 3 weeks.And when they go back on the 18th of August,Kaden starts nursery!
Heres some photos of our hols......