Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rough few days

Kadens had a rough time for the last few days.He's had a cough mainly at night time for the past three weeks.But a couple of days ago he started coughing during the day and it was like coughing fit - he couldn't stop.So i took him to the doctor on Tuesday and he checked him over and gave him an antibiotic for a weeks course.But on the Wednesday he seemed worse and he'd been up all night coughing and choking and being sick while on his pump,so in the end i switched his pump off to see if he would settle - but it didn't give him any relief and he was also bringing back up his medicine.I called the same doctor again who had agreed to see him again the next day if he hadn't improved.When Kaden was breathing you could hear like a rattle,and i was concerned it might be in his chest.So we went back to the doctor to get him checked over.After a thorough check the doctor said he felt now that the cold was now in Kadens chest and he was going to phone the A&E hospital for them to have a look at him.We went to the hospital where there too he got a thorough check over and we were put through to the admission ward to wait for a senior doctor.The doctor came and checked Kaden over and sais yes he had a wet cough and it had gone into his chest.They did an X-Ray to check and see how his lungs were doing and whether he needed any additional treatment apart from his antibiotics.He explained that if the x-ray came back and they wer happy with it we could do 1 of 2 things go home (because the hospital is only 5 minutes away)on antibiotics or if the X-ray showed concern then they would keep him in and start an iv.Thankfuly the doctor came round once the X-ray was down and showed it to me and said he did have signs of something on his right lung(good lung)but the antibiotics would clear that up,so if we were happy we could go home and keep giving him the antibiotics for a week.Speaking to the doctor also i mentioned his spine is being pushed over to the right,which we had noticed before but seems to be getting worse.He said they do see this often with CDH babies and he'd mention it to the orthopedic surgeon to see if we can look into it.Then he gave us the go ahead to go home if we wanted to :-
So of course we jumped at the chance to go home,and thankfuly Kaden had a better nights sleep last night only waking twice,compared with every 10-15 minutes the previous night.
This is Kaden chillin the other day having a snooze.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bathtime Boy

Kaden over the past few weeks has relised washing,Bathing is not so bad after all.It used to be a real struggle to get him anywhere near water,so bathing or showering was a real task.But about 3 weeks ago the girls went in the bath with him and he soon settled.So tonight for the first time i sat him in his bath seat and was quite suprised - as he didn't scream the house down!When it was time to take him out he kept shaking his head,so i lifted him out and he cryed,so i put him back in for a few more minutes.As he was sitting in the bath i could see him looking at his hands as they were all pruned looking from being in the water for so long.There's a 1st for everything!!Yesterday i went for a 3D scan and Kaden suprised us yet again by walking unaided round the room while we were waiting to be seen.At home Kadens not so keen as we have wooden floor and can move faster by bum shuffling.At the scan we treid to get a 3d video and picture done - but baby brown was having none of it.His feet were up to his head and also a hand, so we could only see half of his face.She told me to go home and come back later that evening after tea-time to see if he would co-operate,but yet again his feet were down but his hand was in his face.So she told me we'd try again today which we did and yet again Mr Akward had his feet upto his chin and his hand on his face.
Here's a pic of Kaden today with my sunglasses on and reading a catalogue.
Eventually after trying for a while she gave up and said we can try again in a fortnight and hopefuly he'll have moved position.So we made an appointment for the 7th February so here's hoping we can get a look at this Boys face?!
She gave us a normal scan picture of his face to take home which i'll upload - see if you can see it?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here Comes Trouble!

Kaden is all over the place these days.He has just learnt to climb the stairs,and this is his new trick.I spent my days running up and down the stairs to catch him just incase he fell backward.So a few days ago we bought a stair gate - best buy ever!!Kaden stood at the gate last night taking a wobbler wanting upstair to his sisters room - but his sisters were ignoring him as he touches everything and is always trying to touch their computers.
I took a photo of him trying to climb the stair gate last night in determination to get to the other side.