Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a Speed...

Kaden has grown up over the last few weeks since he's become a 'big brother'.What a speed he moves at - he doesn't walk he runs!He's just learnt to open our back door and any opertunity he's off.The other night i was holding Jaxon in the lounge and Kaden was in the kitchen and all of a sudden i thought Kadens awful quiet (which normally means trouble) and i ran through to the kitchen to find he'd opened the back door and was out in the back garden with the dog picking up stones,i was just so reliieved that the back gates were closed as sometimes they are left open for the limos to come and go and i had visions of me running down the road looking for him!Boy is he a menace...the other day i had to pull staples out from his mouth,he just touches everything.He also had scissors in his hand the other day he'd found in the bedroom and came walking through the house with them in his hand and also a screwdriver.
That boy is worth the watching!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

'Meet Jaxon'

Here's the newest arrival in the brown household - Jaxon Brown,was born on 8/4/09 @ 12.14 weighing 5lbs 11oz by c-section.So far so good.He's been such a good baby and content.Jaxon has a touch of jandice at the moment which we just need to keep an eye on,but basically it's only really on his face.Kaden doesn't seem too sure of him yet he just keeps his distance and says baba.He has thrown a toy yesterday at him,but generaly he just points and smiles at him - after all he's still a baby at only 20 months.I feel so guilty for leaving Kaden and staying over in hospital but i had no other option...but Kaden got on great with his dad and sisters and after a few days didn't even bad an eye that i wasn't around.Which i supose has made me feel worse the fact when we came home from hospital yesterday Kaden was kind of sulking with me and wasn't too fussed i was home!
Today we went to get some tiny baby clothes as everything drowns Jaxon at the moment,and i think i've over done it and strained my wound as i've been suffering all afternoon with it.So i came home and went to bed for an hour or so.Tomorrow i'll start to take things a bit slower,but it's really hard having a toddler that you want to lift and cuddle but can't.
On another note ; Thanks Kristy for the mention,and i'm so glad you like the parcel - and i can't wait to see your new baba. xx

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can you see me?

Here's a few pictures of Kaden trying out his new babys swing - He Loves sitting in it!!
Three days to go and baby brown will be here - i have to go into hospital on Wednesday for my c-section.