Friday, January 22, 2010

Edinburgh Hospital

Kaden had an appointment at Edinburgh hospital on Wednesday to get a cast made for a brace for his back.First challenge was finding the hospital as we are around a 2.5 hour drive away.Someone had called on Monday to say there was a cancellation slot if we would like to take it so i thought the sooner the better...Although Mike was busy at his work so my mother-in-law and i went down.Which meant me driving armed with a sat nav i didnt know how to use!LolEventually after asking a few people we got to the hospital around 1/2 hour early.We went in to the reception and the woman sent us off in the right direction.Our appointment was 2.30p.m and about 2.50p.m my mother-in-law said i think you better ask if your waiting in the right area.So i asked a lady who told me we were in the wrong area we should have been along the corridor.
We went through to the right area and around 5 minutes later they were ready for Kaden.The lady explained to Kaden what she was going to do and he had to lie on a special table and after he'd get a lollypop.He seemed fine with this so we went through to another room where the special table was.Once in the room i had to remove all his clothes and lift him on the table.The table looked like a scaffold with 2 thin strips of material running along itThe nurse the put a tight fitting body stocking on Kaden.Kaden was having none of it he was histerical.One nusre held his legs and i had to hold his arms above his head and the put a strap under his chin and pulled it tight and hooked it to the top of the bed.(If was awful to watch but had to be done as it save him having to get another anesthetic done and another stay in hospital.)The nurse marked in pen where his gastrostomy is and his hip are and then she started wrapping him in warm bandages.Once the cast had hardened she took a knife and cut it off right up the middle.Then Kaden was free to go...Thank goodness.It felt like i was tortureing him but its really for his own good.Once off the table Kaden calmed down as he was sweating with crying.But him and me couldn't wait to get out of the room.
The nurse said she'll send an appointment to get the brace fitted..Yet again at a different hospital in Edinburgh.Then the appointment after that will be longer as Kaden will need an X-Ray done to see if its doing what it should be.And he'll also need to see the specialist.
I'm glad its all over for now...and we'll have a few weeks maybe before the next hurdle.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow,Snow Go Away

Here in Scotland at the moment the weather has been miserable and cold with plenty of Snow.Kaden and Jaxon have both got the cold just now and in fact i kept Kaden off nursery today as his nusery tends to be a bit chilly.So i thought i'd keep him and the girls off school to save us all hiking out in the cold.Kaden was awake most of last night coughing...but so far tonight he's sleeping like a log.Here's hoping he'll sleep all night and won't waken up with a coughing fit.
I'm posting some pictures of my new toy(lol)for Jaxon - his new highchair which came today.I'm soooooooo seems to like it anyway and so does Kaden as he too had a little shot in it and watched some t.v.
Kaden also helped do a little cooking today with his cooks outfit he got for Xmas...he LOVES a mess!!
Hope everyone had a fab New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010