Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mummys 'Little Star'

Kaden went to hospital for an MRI scan today.He was booked in for first thing in the morning and had to at the hospital for 8a.m.Mike took the day off and headed for the hospital first for 8a.m and i waited to see Regan off to school and then i headed straight for the hospital.We got there just around 9a.m just in time to see Kaden getting ready to head downstairs to the main hospital for his scan.Mike and i and Jaxon,a nurse and Kaden went to the scanning which was quite a walk away - the nusre had taken a wheelchair for Kaden but decided since i brought the pushchair that would suit better.Once at the MRI scanning area,they called Kaden through and Mike went through with him and waited until Kaden was given the Gas to put him to sleep - it breaks your heart watch him fight it and then drift off.Once asleep Mike came back to to waiting area where i was waiting with Jaxon and we waited for the nurse to come and tell us Kaden was ready to come back through and back to the ward.We got back to the ward at around 10.45a.m with a very unsettled Kaden who was just upset on waking up and wondering where he was.Once settled the nurse gave Kaden a slice of toast and some water - which Kaden had a good few bites of the toast and sips of water.If the food and water stayed down Kaden would get home.Thankfuly the food stayed down and we also gave him a bolus feed which stayed down.At around 12.45 we asked to be discharged and we got home.And thankfuly thats another hurdle over and we have to wait 2 weeks or so for the results.
Looking at Kaden later on in the day you would never know he'd been through anything different today.
Kaden was a real star today...and just took it all in his stride.
He was back to his normal cheeky self - standing on my windowsill which was a 1st for him today as he normally sits on it but today he went that step further and stood on it!
He also was walking around the kitchen with a pencil having a little scribble on the walls while casually walking past!
On a different note we got Jaxon weighed yesterday and he's upto 9lbs2oz.Boy does he like his milk!
I haven't taken pictures lately as my camera is still out of action - thanks to Kaden.
One day i'll take the time to look for my charger for my other camera, it's just trying to find the time with 4 kids as there's always something else comes up.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Kaden got hold of my camera yesterday before going in his bath - and need you ask he threw it in the bath..to be quickly fished out by his sister!So far it's not working but maybe come time once its dried out it might?Hence no pictures for a while,although i did get a new camera for xmas but i proffered the old one,and until i find my charger for my new one i cant post any pictures.
Here's hoping i find the charger or the 'wet' camera drys out!?
That mans worth the watching!!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

'Mummys helper'

Kaden has been a great help lately.I ask him to get the babys nappies and wipes and he goes and gets them for me.He comes with one nappy to start with then another and another until we end up with about five!
Kaden has never had a dummy(binkie)but lately when the baby drops his Kaden picks it up and puts it in his mouth!
Trying to keep an eye on Kaden at the same time as feeding Jaxon is a real challange,if he's not emptying the drawers out in the kitchen he's touching the waching machine or opened the door and in the back garden.So i've been trying to get him to stay in the same room as me and sit in Jaxons seat and watch the T.V.Which works sometimes.
On Tuesday we got confirmation that Kaden has to go into hospital for a day case to get the MRI scan done on his back on the 19th May.This is a day i'm dreading as he will get a general anesthetic - we knew the appointment was coming,but once i got the call i was in tears as i feel my boy has been through enough.
Hopefuly he's still young enough not to realise whats really going on and will recover just as well as previous visits.