Thursday, October 8, 2009

' 6 Months'

Wow how time flies!I cant believe my baby Jaxon is 6 months old today.It doesn't seem long ago we took Kaden home from hospital let alone Jaxon.
Kadens doing great just now.He's loving his nursery which he goes to on a Tuesday and Thursday morning.He sits with the other kids for snack and tries everything that is put in front of him..he might not eat alot but even if he takes a spoon or two or even a taste its a start.He's also been painting and drawing which he enjoys so much hes always got a pen in his hand at home and has scribbled allover his bedroom wall and my sofa!I suppose its part of growing up and we'll just keep our 'old' sofa until the boys are older and past the drawing on everything stage!Kaden love Jaxon and would pick him up given half the chance.I grabbed the camera today as i was getting them changed for a bath as kaden had his arm round Jaxon trying to kiss him...but as usual by the time i got the camera he'd moved but i took some other pics anyway.
Here's some random pics of recently.