Friday, August 29, 2008


Kaden hasn't really been too fussed about eating as of late - but we still persivere every day.Today Kaden had some yogurt at lunchtime and seemed to quite enjoy it (a few spoons is better than nothing).He enjoyed sticking his fingers in it more and smearing it allover his highchair.He also to a few licks of a cheesy crisp and threw the rest overboard for the dogs (Kadens best friends, as they know they'll get what he chucks over!!).

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Kaden had his 13 month injections yesterday - he got his Mumps,Measles & Rubella,and also pneumococcal which he got one in each leg.He cryed at first but stopped very quickly.Thats the last of the injections for a while until he's 3 years and 4 months.After the doctors appointment we headed home in the pouring rain and decided to stay put all day.Once home Kaden was a happy boy,although he was sick all over his clothes once he was fed.So i changed him into his PJ's and we just chilled out the rest of the day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'Four CDH Babies Born'

Congratulations to three families who have had very special little babies with Cdh - who were all born on the same day 19/8/08.Baby Will,Baby Elliott and Baby Kaden.
Good luck and Best wishes to you all!!
I also just heard today another baby with cdh was born in Glasgow Scotland last week - Her name is Jo and she was 5lb 2oz,and she had her hernia repair done yesterday.So far she's sedated and the doctors are waking her up on Thursday!!
Please keep all these babies in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

'End of Summer'

Well this is the end of summer this end of the world in more ways than one!!The first day back to school for all the children and another wet and wild day.Brooke started high school for the first time today and Regan went into Primary 6.They were desperate to go back to school to see their friends again.The way the weeks are flying in it won't be long before Kadens off to school!It's all down hill from here on in as far as the weather goes.The nights will start getting dark from next month onwards.We are just waiting for the next school holidays to come round - as we're off to Austrailia for just over 2 weeks.Never mind with Australia on the horizon i think we can cope with the drizzly weather for a bit longer!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Over the last few weeks i am becoming more worried about Kaden.Since he had his fundo done back in January - he wasn't sick at all.But over the last month or so he's starting wrenching every morning about an hour before his pump goes off and being sick.And sometimes it can be a good few mouthfuls.I'm starting to wonder if everythings ok down below - or whether it's because he's wrenching so much he's loosened his fundo??Even during the day during bolus feeds you can see Kaden is uncomfortable and starts whinning even once he sees the syringe coming.Also Kadens button has started leaking again and needs replaced sooner these days so maybe that too has something to do with his wretching??We dont have an appointment with the surgeon until November - but deep down i would like to get Kaden to get an X - Ray just to check everythings ok and still in place.But also i dont want the doctor to think i'm telling him his job?
Kaden also has the Health vistor this week to get 2 jabs - 1 in each leg.So i'm not looking forward to Thursday.
To look at Kaden these days he looks a healthy 1 year old - i hope i'm not worrying over nothing??

Saturday, August 9, 2008

'Happy Campers'

The girls and mike and rio the dog had great fun last night camping out.They actually got a dry night!They went into the tent around 10p.m with a whole lot of goodies for a midnight snack.Even the dog couldn't wait to get in!I went up to Brookes room to close her window about 1/2 hour after they went to the tent - and all i could hear was chatting and laughing and crisp bags rustling!!When i was closing the window i noticed a heagehog running across the road - so out Brooke jumps with her torch trying to see it.A great time was had by all even Kaden and i had a great time - even though it was quieter than usual in the brown household!!Here's some pictures of my happy campers in the tent.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rain,Rain go away

The girls were devestated on Wednesday when they woke up tp torrential rain.There beloved tent was wet inside!!Yesterday it rained on and off too ,so they had to take their duvet and pillows in to dry off.Kaden had some fun playing on Brookes bed (Wednesday) with Brookes Elmo she had from a baby.And today the girls were so glad when they woke up to dry weather...Although first thing this morning we had to go to town to get some final school uniform for them returning to school a week on Tuesday.Once we got home the girls headed straight for the tent armed with the duvet,pillows nad 2 sleeping bags.And i got my orders to try to patch it up.So in the garage i found a tarpaulin which we put over the tent and it fits perfect(its a raincover for a bouncy castle we had)-So the moto is dont throw things out!And at tea-time the sun ventured out.So Kaden had a quick spin in the garden in his car...then in for tea.Usual feeding time and issues with Kaden.We try every day with Kadens oral feeds but he hardly opens his mouth.Today wasn't any different - i tryed him with tomato and ham pasta bake(jar)he took about 2 spoons and turns his head.So then we tried chocolate mousse and the same again about 2 spoons and refuses to have any more.Never mind hopefuly one day soon he'll be asking for seconds!?We live in hope.
Tonight the girls and mike and 1 of our dogs are having a sleepover in the tent - i dont suppose anyone apart from Kaden and I will be sleeping that much!?ha ha

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The last few days have been nice and quiet - doing not much at all.Having long lies in the morning,which has been great as the kids are still off on holidays until the 19th August(so we better make the most of our long lies!)Yesterday the girls were chomping at the bit to take down the trampoline enclosure and put up the tent on top of the trampoline to use as a play tent.When we bought the ramploine we got this tent with it free.And so far it hasn't been used.So the girls and i took down the enclosure and tried to put up th trampoline?Me?and instructions?DONT WORK!!Anyway...we tried our best and put the tent poles in place and once Mike came home we managed to put the tent on the trampoline.The kid are sooooooooo delighted.They were raking round looking for padlocks,torches and a duvet to put in it.First thing this morning guess were they're right the tent.Where they spent most of the day.Apart from getting their breakfast outside on paper plates - i harldy saw them at all,unless they came in for the toilet!Kaden also had great fun in the tent today,i put him in the tent for about 1/2 hour with the girls so i could get the floors washed.He was enjoying it so much i could hear him skweeling inside the house.