Friday, December 18, 2009

' Xmas Party '

Kaden had his nursery Xmas Party today which he seemed to enjoy.He was excited about seeing santa there.He got up and dressed in a shot and even wanted hair gel on!Once at nursery he went in no problem and was keen to stay.When we went to pick him up the teacher said he wasnt too keen on Santa and kept his distance from him with a few tears.But apart from that he joined in the games and dancing and had a great time.When we picked him up he was excited and came running over and then disapeared again amongst all the children who were dancing.
On leaving he got a party bag with a jigsaw puzzle in it which he couldnt wait to open.
I can hardly believe how quick the weeks are flying in and Xmas is just round the corner.
Here's some pictures of Kaden today before his nursery...but trying to get him to stand still and look at the camera is NOT an easy

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Othopedic Appointment

Kaden had his othopedic appointment in Edinburgh on Wednesday last week.We travelled down at 6.30a.m as his appointment was at 10a.m and the hospital is around a 2 and 3/4 hour journey from Aberdeen.Once there they took kadens height and weight and sent him for an X-Ray of his back and neck.Kaden sat quite well considering being only 2.Once the X-Rays were taking we had to wait for a bit to see the specialist.Around an hour later we were taken through to meet the specialist.He asked some questions regarding Kadens past history and asked if we could get him undressed down to his nappy so he could get a proper look at Kadens back.When looking at his back he explained Kaden does have a curve in his spine not at the top or bottom but in the middle.He said his best course of action for the moment was to get Kaden fitted with brace which he will have to wear for 20 hours a day and to keep a close eye on him for the near future to see if the brace will do what we hope it will and help staighten his spine.He said if this does not work he will need an operation where they will insert lods to his back which will need tightened every 6 months as he grows.Or on the other hand if it does work and he does need an operation it can be done in adolecance which wouldnt be such an ordeal we feel for Kaden as he's been through so much in his short life already.
Kaden has an appointment in January to go to Edinburgh to get the brace cast made but if he doesnt sit still they will need to get him back to get an anesthetic to get it fitted exactly to his body shape.Here's hoping he'll sit still and there will be no need to go to theatre.
I think in the near futrure we'll be seeing alot of Edinburghs sick kids hospital.
Although Kaden has a curve in his spine it doesnt stop him from doing anything that other children does - he LOVES his nursery and chasing the girls!!
I've posted some pictures of Kaden and Jaxon Today.And also one of Brookes Party as she was 14 on Monday...ohhhhhhh it makes me feel old!Lol

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling Better..

I'm glad to say Kaden and Jaxon are now on the mend.Kaden is certainly feeling more like himself and running around everywhere as usual and repeating everyhthing you say.He's been sleeping alot better too which helps.Last week i kept him off nursery just to make sure he was clear of his illness and properly over it.We'll see how he goes this week and if he's feeling okay on Tuesday i'll maybe put him back to nursery and just make sure he's wrapped up.Jaxon too is looking better and seems to be feeling better as he's not so choked up anymore and he too is sleeping a 'bit' better.Jaxon isn't the best sleeper without a cold as he wakes up a few time s wanting a drink.
I had just fed Jaxon the other day and went through to the kitchen with the dirty plate and i heard him cough and when i went through he'd been sick allover himself and was still smiling!That boy is such a smiler!!
Here's a pic i took of Jaxon after his little episode.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I took Kaden back to the doctor on Thursday as his condition hadn't improved and he was breathing faster.When the doctor had a look at him she agreed he was working harder breathing and his pulse rate was up.She said with all his symtoms she was sending him up to the hospital.Once at the hospital we were called through almost immediatly.We were put in isolation until the could veify what was wrong with Kaden as he was showing symtoms of Swine flu.They weighed Kaden and put him on Oxygen and put a drip in his hand.They also took some mouth swabs and a gastostomy swab too.
Poor Kaden was really miserable and this is the 1st time since leaving the hospital as a baby he's needed Oxygen.His Oxygen levels were never above 95 and this is what they say they were aiming for 95 or above.With Kaden only having one good lung we werent so sure what his levels normally were but they were giong by a child with no issues.
For 2 days Kaden was kept in isolation and once the swabs came back and bloods to say he was clear of swine flu he was moved up to the medical ward.At the medical ward he was still kept on the Oxygen until he could cope without it.They had tried a few time before to wean him off completely but his levels kept coming down to 93,92 91,90 un a few time 89,88.
On Saturday night the nurse said she'd take him off the Oxygen for a while and see how he coped.I said to her i didn't think Kadens was the same a normal boys with 2 lungs as he was doing the work with just on good one...she agreed but said if it went lower than 93 they would put him back on.The level kept creeping down then back up roughly between 93-90.They kept him off and he coped well.
At the doctors rounds on Sunday they asked if we were keen to take Kaden home,which we said yes and they said although he still had a cough they'd let him home as this would clear up hopefuly shortly.So Kaden got home on Sunday on anti-biotic and seems to be improving...although we came home to another sick boy who also has a cough and cold!
The brown household has been a very sleepless one since'm sure they will feel better soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I took Kaden to see the doctor last night as he hadn't improved all day.My healthvisitor had called to see if i'd had Kadens button checked as it was awful red on Thursday when she came round to do Jaxons 6 month check.I told her i hadn't and that he was ill and she said call the doctor to get him checked over incase the g-tube site was the cause of an infection.So i called to doctor and he called me back and said he'd see him in 20 minutes so i put a coat on him and bundled him in the car and headed for the doctors.The doctor checked him over and said he had a bit of a temp and he was showing signs of H1 N1 which he said is rife at the moment but he said he'll give him a course of anti-biotics 1st too see if this helps him and if within the next 24 hours there is now sign of improvement we have to take Kaden back again.
Kaden was up most of last night crying and gagging again so i switched his pump off early.Every time he cryed he woke the i had two screaming boys!
Hopefuly there will be an impovement in him today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Poor Kaden'

Kaden has been really unwell for the last few days with a high temperature and runny nose and a cough.He's been gagging alot with clear stuff coming up and because he cant be sick after having his fundo its awful to watch him rench and gag.He's lying on the sofa as i type this...but last night i was up near all night with him,he kept shouting'mum'.Around 5a.m i decided to switch off his pump as he was renching so much.But hopefuly as the day goes on he'll feel better.If not i'm going to get a doctors appointment to get him checked over to be on the safe side.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hospital Appointment

Kaden was at the hospital last week for a neo-natal checkup.The doctor hadn't seen Kaden since November last year and at that time had mentioned putting Kaden to a special school for children with learning difficulties as he wasnt walking or doing quite what he should have for his age.I was quite annoyed to say the least as i felt Kaden was slow and it was just a case of catching up when ready.Then during the year after still not seeing Kaden again the same doctor from the hospital sent a letter to my dostor referring him again to the same school which i declined yet again.Since then Kaden is walking talking and doing all the thing he should and SHOULDNT be doing lol.
When the doctor from the neo-natal saw Kaden and saw his capabilities she was quite impressed and said hes now following the chart/range of what a child of 27 months should be.She also mentioned the 'School for special children' again and said she was quite happy with Kadens progress and form here on in Kaden is a 'Normal' child as far as learning goes.I think a mother knows her own child and i wanted to prove her wrong!
On return from hospital we had a letter waiting for us for Kaden to travel to Edinbugh to see the specialist for his scholosis in December.So thats our next hurdle,we're just anxouis to see the outcome of what the spcialist has to say.
On another note Kaden and Jaxon are growing so fast at the moment.Jaxon is now in a big boy cot.However hes been a nightmare through the night waking about 2-3 times.I'm like a walking Zombie Lol!
Heres a few pictures of late.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

' 6 Months'

Wow how time flies!I cant believe my baby Jaxon is 6 months old today.It doesn't seem long ago we took Kaden home from hospital let alone Jaxon.
Kadens doing great just now.He's loving his nursery which he goes to on a Tuesday and Thursday morning.He sits with the other kids for snack and tries everything that is put in front of him..he might not eat alot but even if he takes a spoon or two or even a taste its a start.He's also been painting and drawing which he enjoys so much hes always got a pen in his hand at home and has scribbled allover his bedroom wall and my sofa!I suppose its part of growing up and we'll just keep our 'old' sofa until the boys are older and past the drawing on everything stage!Kaden love Jaxon and would pick him up given half the chance.I grabbed the camera today as i was getting them changed for a bath as kaden had his arm round Jaxon trying to kiss him...but as usual by the time i got the camera he'd moved but i took some other pics anyway.
Here's some random pics of recently.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I took my oldest daughter to the doctor this week as she was feeling unwell for a few days - lifeless,headache,temperature and sore tummy.I just about fell off my seat when the doctor said she had 'swine flu'!He gave her a course of tami flu tablets to take every 12 hours for a week and to keep her off school for a week and told her she will feel miserable but she will get better.The same day i got a call from the school to go and pick up Regan my younger daughter as she was feeling unwell.Thankfully she seems to be on the mend but i kept her off school anyway.I also kept Kaden off nursery just incase he's carrying anything.I've been worried sick incase the boys will pick up swine flu so poor Brooke has been in her room for a few days.She'e on the mend now and feeling alot better so hopefuly it wasn't swine flu she had and maybe just a bad bug?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eating Clinic

Kaden has the eating clinic we'll see what tomorrow brings as lately hes been eating less and somedays hardly anything.He has to take a teddy with him tomorrow for a teddy bear picnic so hopefuly that will be enjoyable for him.
Kadens great fun at the moment he repeats everything you say he's like a little parrot!
Yesterday i took some pictures of him hugging Jaxon which was nice to get him to sit at peace for a few minutes!The other week i left Jaxon on my bed after feeding him and went through to a different room,to hear Kaden being awful quiet.I went through to the bedroom to find Kaden feeding the baby with a perfume bottle and my poor baby was stinking of perfume and just lying there letting him do it...just wait a few months and Jaxon will be sticking up for himself as he's growing sooooo fast. Normally if Kadens quiet there's something going down as Kadens a little monkey!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy Week

Kadens had a busy week this week.He got his haircut on Saturday (to stop people calling him a girl)and sat like a champ.Then on tuesday he had hs first day at nursery which went not too bad.He went in no problem and seemed ok when i left.I called around an hour later and the lady said he was fine had been in tears a few times but was ok.When i went to pick him up he came running over to me and then disappeared and came back holding a painting he had done.Once we left he seemed quite happy at the thought of going back again on thursday for another morning session.But today he was keen enough to go in but not so keen to stay without me.As i was leaving he came over and held his hand up for me to hold it and take him with me and then when he relised he was staying he started crying and i was ushered out of the room to be told he'll be broke my heart to see my baby crying.When i went back for him the ladys said he wasn't as settled as tuesday but was ok with a few tears along the way.I suppose its to be expected that there are tears to start with and once he's used to his surroundings he'll be fine...or here's hoping.
On wednesday Kaden also had his 2 year check up at the healthvisitors.She seemed happy with his speech and movement and his progress and said she would review his speech again in 3 months to keep me happy but by then she says he'll probably be speaking in sentences.
We've also been busy in our house this week as we are putting our house up for sale next week so we've been tidying up and disposing of alot of unneeded junk we've hoarded along the way.
So hopefuly this time next month the house will be sold as we have bought another one about 10 minutes away with more room for the growing but stopped growing brown brood!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surgeon follow up

Kaden had a follow up with the surgeon today just for him to check on Kadens progress.He's quite happy with the way things are as far Kadens growth is.Kaden for height is average and he's still following below the bottom line of the chart for his weight which the surgeon seems happy enough with - he said its just his makeup.He asked about his feeding and how much hes eating.That varies from day to day.Kaden will put anything in his mouth but is not too good with swallowing hes better with things that meltsuch as digestives and butter,mini chedders, cheese slices,chocolate.We had a laugh with the Dr as i told him we went out for tea last night and Kaden had a tiny bite of my burger,and as we drove home he fell asleep so i put him straight into his bed.Then this morning i was changing his nappy and getting him dressed and i saw him chewing something and i said what have you got in your mouth and he opened his mouth and there was the piece of burger from last night!!Yuck!!
The surgeon also showed me Kadens x-rays from when he was born up until today and he thinks the curve in his spine wasnt present at bith but has got worse since 08 into 09.He says its probably in hie genes an he also has a pectus which normally comes hand in hand with a diaphramatic hernia.He also said if the surgeon in Edinbugh wishes to talk with him about Kaden past surgery his is quite happy to talk to him about it.He also said surgery regarding scholiosis is normally NOT rushed into and is normally done around adolesance.
So now its just the waiting game.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Kaden had the hospital on Thursday last week for the results of his MRI Scan.The doctor said the MRI showed Kaden has NO abnormalities of the spine which is great news.He said he wanted another X-ray done which was done the same day.The doctor we met specializes in Club feet and other fields in Othopedics but not scholiosis.He said he would put Kaden forward to meet the Specialist surgeon in Edinburgh and we will have to take it from there and discuss all our options.He said we dont have to jump into an operation tomorrow but its something we might need to think about for the near future.
Another hurdle for poor kaden to get over as if he's not been through enough!Never mind we are so blessed to have our special boy with us.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hols All Over Once Again

Back to the wet rainy Scotland once again!We came home from our holidays on Wednesday after a great 2 week break and great weather every day.The girls had a great time spending most days in the pool.Kaden also loved the water which was a suprise as he never would go in on previous occassions...and we didn't take any swim gear for him as we thought we were waisting our time but he proved us wrong.Jaxon on the other hand had other ideas as he only went in the water once as he wasn't keen on the cold water yet at home he loves the bath.
Time seems to just fly by these days as i cant believe the kids only have 3 weeks left of the summer holidays as already they have had 3 weeks.And when they go back on the 18th of August,Kaden starts nursery!
Heres some photos of our hols......

Friday, July 10, 2009

Respiritory Clinic

Kaden had the respiritory clinic yesterday.When we arrived Kaden got his height and weight checked...his weight is 21lbs 3oz which shocked me as i thought he would be heavier,and his height is 85c.m.The doctor he saw gave Kaden a good look over and sounded his chest.He said Kaden seemed to be fine breathing wise but mentioned his scholiosis.I said we're waiting on the results of the Mri which was done some weeks ago.We have an appointment at the hospital on the 6th August @ the othopedics.I asked if his spine looked bad and he said yes as Kaden is young and it tends to get worse as they get older and it can affect the lungs.He said just too wait and see what the specialist says.
One hurdle jumped and then another cropps up.Hopefuly it wont be as bad as we think.I took some photo's of the boys today with Kaden allover his brother as usual.

Monday, July 6, 2009

First day of Holidays

Today is the first day of the school holidays - so far so good.The girls went to the carnivals with their friends and the boys and i had a quiet afternoon at home.The weather here in the UK this past few weeks has been great its been lovely and warm and sunny for a change.When its been hot we've done plenty of walking with the boys and its been like being on holiday.Speaking of hols were off to Majorca on the 15th July..the girls cant wait.In fact i think we are all ready for a break and change of routine.
Kaden has the hospital this week on Thursday to the respiritory clinic,since last visit he's had 2 addmission into hospital so we'll see what they say,as the year before he had no hospital stays and they dismissed him for a year.
Just now Kadens into climbing.Brooke was in the garage sorting out a tent and Kaden was with her but disappeared and i came out to look for him,he was standing on the picnic table!!Then the day after he had thrown the ball out of our front garden onto the road and was standing on the wall shoting and pointing at it.Where in the process of getting prices to get a fence put ontop of the wall to keep Mr Menace in.
He's a great help with Jaxon getting nappies and wipes and such when he's not actually lying ontop of him trying to give him a hug or his dummy.
We aslo had a little drama on Saturday night with Kaden.He was on his machine in his bed and i went out of the room and left Brooke there with him.Brooke decided she'd go and get something from another room and left him and when i came through my boy was at the bottom of the bed ready to climb off with the machine which had fell down the back of the bed and he'd pulled his g-tube right out of his tummy - Boy what a panic...So grabbing a spare tube we have Mike held Kaden down and i had to do the nnedful and put a new one in as the hole closes really quick.Every time so far when Kadens had his tube changed the nurse says do you want to do it,but i'm quite happy to watch.This time i had no choice but to do it and really its easy its just the thought of it.For holidays incase it should happen again we're taking 2 spare ones.And as far as Kadens feeding goes during the day the dietition told me to stop them as i had called her regarding feeds for holiday and changing the quantaties for carrying,she said because Kaden was only getting 70ml bolous once a day we can leave it out as its only 70 calories.And when he's at the hospital this week we'll get him weighed to keep an eye on his Kaden with no clothes on is something else,he look like someone out of a concentration camp he's sooooo thin.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I put Kadens name down for nursery and he's got a space to start after the summer as the nusery takes children from 2 - 4 year olds.We went on Thursday morning for a look round and Kaden at first was very unsure and just stood back and watched the other children.
After about 10 minutes one of the helpers took Kaden over to the snack table where some of the children were having a snack and sat him down.He sat down next to a little girl who was having a biscuit and milk.The lady gave Kaden some water and a biscuit and a piece of cake.He had a few bites of the biscuit then dropped it in his water.Then he had a bite if cake and left it.
Kaden then went over to the road mat and played with some cars,and then a bigger boy came over and pulled it from him and sqeezed his face which didn't bother Kaden but bothered me!!By this time i decided it was time to go home.I'm sure nusery will be good for Kaden as far as mixing and sharing goes but i'm a little unsure about leaving my baby somewhere i cant protect him,although i'm sure it wont do him any harm and maybe he'll learn to stick up for himself as he just stands and lets other kids pull toys away from him.
Kaden has the eating clinic on Monday and this time he's going to be doing messy play - i bet he'll LOVE that!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eating Clinic

Kaden got on fine at the eating clinic on Monday.They had a group of around 6 or 7 parents and we started off by discussing eating worries and issues.Kaden has been putting pretty much anything in his mouth..(Even the dogfood)its just the swallowing.He seems to hold the food in his mouth forever until it dissolves.Apart from chocolate,he has no problem where he cant get enough in his mouth at one time!!LolThen they got some chocolate buttons and crisps (melt in your mouth ones)and yogurt and put them on a table for the children to eat and see the reaction.
I took Kaden over to the table and opened the yogurt and gave him a spoon and boy what a time he had.He eat his yougurt.He stuck his hand in the butttons dish took a hanful and eat a few crisps - and bingo that was lunch!Most teh other kids were pretty much at the same stage as kaden and some wouldn't eat hardly anything.They have scheduled it for again in 2 weeks and thereafter every fortnight.The next time thr kids will get to do messy play with some jelly to see if they put any towards there mouth.
I'm getting slow at blogging these days as there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.I spend my life feeding Jaxon,i put him down and then he screams so i pick him back up again.I cant seem to get anything done.
Jaxon has been slightly constipated so maybe he's just uncomfortable,and i'm hoping he'll grow out of the constant crying.
I'm up writing this during the night as i have really bad toochache,and i got up to take some painkillers.I called the emergency Dentist on Friday and they gave me an appointment for 1st thing Saturday morning.The dentist gave me some antibiotics to take as my face is swollen and my tooth is infected.I'm waitiong for an appointment next week again withe emergency dentist for an x-ray and some root treatment (Scary).
It's such a long time since i have hadd toothache but i wouldn't wish it on anyone as its soooooooooooo painful.Never mind hopefuly we'll get it sorted next week and i'll be back to normal.
Kaden got a police car this week as an early Birthday present as we'll be on holiday when its his birthday.He LOVES it.I'll post a pick of him getting in it...he spend most of the time getting in and out of it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

'Some pics'

Kaden is such a big boy these days,he seems to have grown since Jaxons arrived.His eating has been getting better by the week.He love thing with cheese in it - like macaroni cheese and cheese slices and cheesy crisps.He also loves yogurt and eats tiny bits of toast.He doesn't actually chew thing he waits until the food dissolves in his mealtimes can take forever!!
Kaden has the hospital on Monday for the eating clinic (which he's never been to).There's going to be other children in the same position as Kaden as far as eating goes,so it will be interesting to see other children eating and with similar problems to Kaden.
Were still waiting on the results on Kadens MRI,hopefuly we should here shortly.
Kaden has been allover his brother recently like a's so funny to see.If Kadens in the same room as Jaxon and is quiet that means he either lying on him or trying to pick him up or stealing his dummy (Pacifier)Speaking about pacifiers i noticed on Sofies blog a pacifier called wubbanubs - and being me i couldn't resist.So after searching the net i got 2 sent over from the states..They arrived today so Thank you Sofie!!Also while checking on my cdh blogs i found another item i fancied a pokerdot stroller so need you ask i searched the net allover again and am getting one shipped over from the states(Thanks Carter!)
I think i need to stop looking at other peoples wares and focus on the cdh babes!

I found the charger at last for my camera so i'll post some pictures.