Friday, December 18, 2009

' Xmas Party '

Kaden had his nursery Xmas Party today which he seemed to enjoy.He was excited about seeing santa there.He got up and dressed in a shot and even wanted hair gel on!Once at nursery he went in no problem and was keen to stay.When we went to pick him up the teacher said he wasnt too keen on Santa and kept his distance from him with a few tears.But apart from that he joined in the games and dancing and had a great time.When we picked him up he was excited and came running over and then disapeared again amongst all the children who were dancing.
On leaving he got a party bag with a jigsaw puzzle in it which he couldnt wait to open.
I can hardly believe how quick the weeks are flying in and Xmas is just round the corner.
Here's some pictures of Kaden today before his nursery...but trying to get him to stand still and look at the camera is NOT an easy

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