Sunday, December 6, 2009

Othopedic Appointment

Kaden had his othopedic appointment in Edinburgh on Wednesday last week.We travelled down at 6.30a.m as his appointment was at 10a.m and the hospital is around a 2 and 3/4 hour journey from Aberdeen.Once there they took kadens height and weight and sent him for an X-Ray of his back and neck.Kaden sat quite well considering being only 2.Once the X-Rays were taking we had to wait for a bit to see the specialist.Around an hour later we were taken through to meet the specialist.He asked some questions regarding Kadens past history and asked if we could get him undressed down to his nappy so he could get a proper look at Kadens back.When looking at his back he explained Kaden does have a curve in his spine not at the top or bottom but in the middle.He said his best course of action for the moment was to get Kaden fitted with brace which he will have to wear for 20 hours a day and to keep a close eye on him for the near future to see if the brace will do what we hope it will and help staighten his spine.He said if this does not work he will need an operation where they will insert lods to his back which will need tightened every 6 months as he grows.Or on the other hand if it does work and he does need an operation it can be done in adolecance which wouldnt be such an ordeal we feel for Kaden as he's been through so much in his short life already.
Kaden has an appointment in January to go to Edinburgh to get the brace cast made but if he doesnt sit still they will need to get him back to get an anesthetic to get it fitted exactly to his body shape.Here's hoping he'll sit still and there will be no need to go to theatre.
I think in the near futrure we'll be seeing alot of Edinburghs sick kids hospital.
Although Kaden has a curve in his spine it doesnt stop him from doing anything that other children does - he LOVES his nursery and chasing the girls!!
I've posted some pictures of Kaden and Jaxon Today.And also one of Brookes Party as she was 14 on Monday...ohhhhhhh it makes me feel old!Lol

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