Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'Happy New Year'

I got a phone call from the newspaper Yesterday - saying they were looking over some stories they have done in the past,and would it be ok for them to do a follow up on Kaden.So today a photographer came round to take some photos.Kaden was not amused!!He wanted some pics of Kaden standing.Kaden kept making a run for the stairs...this is Kadens new trick - climbing the stairs (All day long!).
Hopefuly he got a few decent photo's.
I also had the midwife today for a check-up.All went well,she checked the babys heartbeat and also my blood pressure which normaly kreeps up later in pregnacy.But today she said my blood pressurewas the lowest she'd seen it...which is great.My next appointment to see the midwife is in 4 weeks for bloods - something i'm not keen on,but has to be done.
'Happy New Year' to all from the Browns xx

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to Normal

I can hardly believe our litle man turned 17 months on Christmas day and Christmas has been and gone!!We had a quiet Christmas and Boxing day just eating and chillin,it was great...just my usual as my husband would say,doing nothing,HA HA If only!!Kaden and the girls got spoiled again and were happy with their presents.Kaden got a table with a train set on it which he LOVES.
Here's some pictures of Xmas day and Boxing day - Oh and i almost forgot, i got a camera for my Christmas so i've been getting plenty of practise taking pics!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Under the weather

Kaden has been off colour since the weekend.He's been sleeping alot during the day and unsettled at night.For the past 2 nights i've slept in the lounge from around 3a.m with Kaden as he's been crying constantly and poor Mikes been trying to grab some sleep before heading to his work.
Kaden has had a temperature and he's also been sick.We were suppost to change his milk this week after stopping it over the weekend to see if it was the milk that was making him sick.But now i think he's picked up a bug which will just take time to shift.
I called the dietition today to cancel an appointment Kaden had for Thursday as his new milk will need different packs for his continuious night feed - so they wer going to show me how to use them.But as i said to her Kadens still not right and i'd rather wait until he's better to change his milk,as i get a delivery on Tuesday.
Kaden is lying sleeping as i write this and he's not a happy chappie at the moment and it's so hard trying to get anything done without him crying when i put him down.
Hopefuly tomorrow he'll feel better.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Remembering All Angels'

Tonight at 7 p.m the girls lit candles - Rembering all babies who have been taken away prematurly,and who are now angels.Babies such as Skyla and Elli and Faith,Kaden who all passed away this year due to CDH.There are many more Angels out there who have had other issues,so tonight we have been rembering them all.They will NEVER be forgotten.

'Merry Xmas From Kaden'

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Kaden went to the physio yesterday.She just really observed his movements and played with him.Kaden HATES physio.He's fine until the lady goes near him or moves him.We started off in the big gym type room,and then she moved rooms to one with lots of lights and a disco ball.She put all the lights on and put off the bright light and Kaden was not impressed.Kaden seems to be coming along well,slow but sure - and hes only 16 1/2 months so hopefuly soon he'll be walking.Recently Kaden has been walking round the furniture and showing more interest in walking so hopefuly it wont be long.She made an appointment to see us again the beginning of February.
Our only main concern is still his feeding.Yesterday the dietition met with us and changed his milk for during the day to a higher calorie feed and we have to give him less of a bolus during the day so hopefuly he'll be more hungry.We never have 2 days the same at mealtimes.Sometimes Kaden will eat a few spoons the next he keeps his mouth firmly closed.This is another thing that will come - one day.If all goes well with his new milk they will chance his overnight feeds to the same milk.This will make life a bit easier as the overnight feed comes in a pack and i'll just ned to hang it up.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sorry about the pictures,i've just noticed they are upside down - and being a woman i dont know how to correct it!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had my detailed scan yersterday.All looks fine and the baby seems to be growing well.The sonographer had a good look over the baby and measured the head,thigh bone and other areas.She said everything looks fine,but they will check the babys heart in detail at my next scan in 2 weeks.We asked if the stomach was in the right place and she said yes 'why do you ask this'.We told her our last baby was born with a diaphragmatic hernia,so she reasured us the diagphram was there,but this is something they will keep an eye on in future scans.
On to Kaden - he's a little monkey he is into everything!!Today he was in the bedroom trying to put his sisters hairband on (shhhhh dont tell his dad!)
And this weekend Brooke ,Kadens oldest sister is 13 - so shes having some friend over for a sleepover so we'll have a busy house.