Friday, February 6, 2009


I had a word yesterday with the dietition about Kadens weight which is 8.5kg as i'm a bit cocerned.In October Kaden was weighed and he was 8.2kg and 2 weeks ago when he was admitted to hospital he was weighed again and he hadn't really gained that much.The dietitions plan was to change Kadens feeds during the day to a higher calorie milk and give him less of a bolus so he was still getting the calories but less milk - but with one thing and another this didn't really happen.So i called the dietition to discuss this plan and she told me to chang his feeds to the higher calorie one - which i did as of yesterday.And so far so seems to be agreeing with him.We are still trying to push oral feeds of which seem to be getting sligtly better...some days better than others.Although Kaden seems more interested in trying more things.As long as the foods not too lumpy he'll tolerate some spoonfuls - yesterday he had a small yogurt at lunchtime and a handful of crisps and at tea-time he had 1/2 a yogurt.So we are getting there.But my poor wee boy still looks underfed!!
Day by day Kadens also getting steadier on his feet which is great to watch.
Here's some pics of Kaden today clever boy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Boy

Here's a picture of Kaden yesterday - he fell asleep on his dads running machine,as i caught up on reading all the cdh blogs!!Poor Boy!!If you cant beat them join them!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Follow Up

Kaden had the physio today,and got on really well.When we arrived the physio was out of office - so as we waited Kaden was keen to get going!!So he strolled into the room where the physio worked and stood and watched another patient being treated.When the physio came she was really impressed to see Kaden on his feet,and even smiling!Everytime we went to physio Kaden used to cry as soon as we got there.So today was a real treat to see a happy smiley boy.She got Kaden to walk across the floor to her as she held a big yellow ball - which he did (slow but sure).Then she said she'd a video of Kaden walking,and smiling.She said she was going to sign Kaden off today as she knows he can walk when he wants,and is doing everything now a normal toddler would do.
So today as we left there were 3 happy people (Kaden,the Physio and mummy).
Kaden has been looking and feeling alot better this week,and his antibiotics are finished tommorrow - so hopefuly that'll be the last of the illness for a while and we can look forward to our new arrival in April.