Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling Better..

I'm glad to say Kaden and Jaxon are now on the mend.Kaden is certainly feeling more like himself and running around everywhere as usual and repeating everyhthing you say.He's been sleeping alot better too which helps.Last week i kept him off nursery just to make sure he was clear of his illness and properly over it.We'll see how he goes this week and if he's feeling okay on Tuesday i'll maybe put him back to nursery and just make sure he's wrapped up.Jaxon too is looking better and seems to be feeling better as he's not so choked up anymore and he too is sleeping a 'bit' better.Jaxon isn't the best sleeper without a cold as he wakes up a few time s wanting a drink.
I had just fed Jaxon the other day and went through to the kitchen with the dirty plate and i heard him cough and when i went through he'd been sick allover himself and was still smiling!That boy is such a smiler!!
Here's a pic i took of Jaxon after his little episode.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I took Kaden back to the doctor on Thursday as his condition hadn't improved and he was breathing faster.When the doctor had a look at him she agreed he was working harder breathing and his pulse rate was up.She said with all his symtoms she was sending him up to the hospital.Once at the hospital we were called through almost immediatly.We were put in isolation until the could veify what was wrong with Kaden as he was showing symtoms of Swine flu.They weighed Kaden and put him on Oxygen and put a drip in his hand.They also took some mouth swabs and a gastostomy swab too.
Poor Kaden was really miserable and this is the 1st time since leaving the hospital as a baby he's needed Oxygen.His Oxygen levels were never above 95 and this is what they say they were aiming for 95 or above.With Kaden only having one good lung we werent so sure what his levels normally were but they were giong by a child with no issues.
For 2 days Kaden was kept in isolation and once the swabs came back and bloods to say he was clear of swine flu he was moved up to the medical ward.At the medical ward he was still kept on the Oxygen until he could cope without it.They had tried a few time before to wean him off completely but his levels kept coming down to 93,92 91,90 un a few time 89,88.
On Saturday night the nurse said she'd take him off the Oxygen for a while and see how he coped.I said to her i didn't think Kadens was the same a normal boys with 2 lungs as he was doing the work with just on good one...she agreed but said if it went lower than 93 they would put him back on.The level kept creeping down then back up roughly between 93-90.They kept him off and he coped well.
At the doctors rounds on Sunday they asked if we were keen to take Kaden home,which we said yes and they said although he still had a cough they'd let him home as this would clear up hopefuly shortly.So Kaden got home on Sunday on anti-biotic and seems to be improving...although we came home to another sick boy who also has a cough and cold!
The brown household has been a very sleepless one since'm sure they will feel better soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I took Kaden to see the doctor last night as he hadn't improved all day.My healthvisitor had called to see if i'd had Kadens button checked as it was awful red on Thursday when she came round to do Jaxons 6 month check.I told her i hadn't and that he was ill and she said call the doctor to get him checked over incase the g-tube site was the cause of an infection.So i called to doctor and he called me back and said he'd see him in 20 minutes so i put a coat on him and bundled him in the car and headed for the doctors.The doctor checked him over and said he had a bit of a temp and he was showing signs of H1 N1 which he said is rife at the moment but he said he'll give him a course of anti-biotics 1st too see if this helps him and if within the next 24 hours there is now sign of improvement we have to take Kaden back again.
Kaden was up most of last night crying and gagging again so i switched his pump off early.Every time he cryed he woke the i had two screaming boys!
Hopefuly there will be an impovement in him today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Poor Kaden'

Kaden has been really unwell for the last few days with a high temperature and runny nose and a cough.He's been gagging alot with clear stuff coming up and because he cant be sick after having his fundo its awful to watch him rench and gag.He's lying on the sofa as i type this...but last night i was up near all night with him,he kept shouting'mum'.Around 5a.m i decided to switch off his pump as he was renching so much.But hopefuly as the day goes on he'll feel better.If not i'm going to get a doctors appointment to get him checked over to be on the safe side.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hospital Appointment

Kaden was at the hospital last week for a neo-natal checkup.The doctor hadn't seen Kaden since November last year and at that time had mentioned putting Kaden to a special school for children with learning difficulties as he wasnt walking or doing quite what he should have for his age.I was quite annoyed to say the least as i felt Kaden was slow and it was just a case of catching up when ready.Then during the year after still not seeing Kaden again the same doctor from the hospital sent a letter to my dostor referring him again to the same school which i declined yet again.Since then Kaden is walking talking and doing all the thing he should and SHOULDNT be doing lol.
When the doctor from the neo-natal saw Kaden and saw his capabilities she was quite impressed and said hes now following the chart/range of what a child of 27 months should be.She also mentioned the 'School for special children' again and said she was quite happy with Kadens progress and form here on in Kaden is a 'Normal' child as far as learning goes.I think a mother knows her own child and i wanted to prove her wrong!
On return from hospital we had a letter waiting for us for Kaden to travel to Edinbugh to see the specialist for his scholosis in December.So thats our next hurdle,we're just anxouis to see the outcome of what the spcialist has to say.
On another note Kaden and Jaxon are growing so fast at the moment.Jaxon is now in a big boy cot.However hes been a nightmare through the night waking about 2-3 times.I'm like a walking Zombie Lol!
Heres a few pictures of late.