Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a boy

Kaden these days spends his days climbing on things and opening cupboards and pulling things out allover the floor.He also sits beside the dogs bowl and moves her food from one dish to another...or scatter it across the kitchen floor.
Here's kaden today watching his sister and her friend on the trampoline - he's about through the window as he climbs on the back of the sofa.

Kadens baby brother is making an appearance on the 7th April as we went to the hospital last week and they have changed the date to 1 week sooner due to high blood pressure and having only 3cm of fluid round baby.We have an appointment for another scan on Tuesday to check the bloodflow to the baby,so hopefuly all will be well and then the following Tuesday baby brown will arrive.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Appointment @ Othopedics

Kaden had a hospital appointment on Wednesday about his back starting to curve.They looked at his 2 recent x-rays and some from his 1st few days of life and showed me the difference between then and now.He said that from day 1 Kaden had a slight but hardly noticeable bend in his spine which since then has become worse and he thinks he may have scoliosis.He said he wants an Mri scan done of Kaden and from there he will decide the next step to take - he wants too see if there are any abnormalities in his spine.The doctor said he would refer him to the surgeon in Edinburgh as we dont have one in Aberdeen and we'll take it from there.I'm a bit anxious as Kaden will need to go into the hospital in Aberdeen for a day and be sedated to do the Mri scan - so its just another waiting game.
Here's Kaden and his best pal having a snooze after a busy day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home from Hospital

I took Kaden to the doctors on Monday to be told they had no appointments as Kaden had been up most of the night coughing his feeds up.On the way to the doctors he coughed up brown stuff which really concerned me.Once the receptionist told me there was no appointments i showed her his burp cloth and said i wanted him seen.She called a doctor who took Kaden through to his office and checked him over.After a thorough check the doctor said he felt Kaden needed to be seen at the hospital as he had deteriorated since Thursday.He gave us a letter to hand in at the hospital and he also called the hospital to let them know Kaden was coming.
Once at the hospital they moniterd Kaden and put him through to the asessment ward wher we waited for a doctor to come to see us.The doctor came round and checked him over and put him down for a X-ray.Once the X-ray came back she said it was pretty much the same as the one from January.Which they weren't too concerned about.Because Kaden wasn't keeping his feeds down and had a temperature they wanted him to stay overnight and start dioralyte which is just a water with sugar to see if he kept that down.
We were transferred upto the medical ward and got a isolation room - which was quite nice rather than a busy ward.Kaden during the night was awake every 1 hour,every time i put my head down he seemed to waken up.
On Tuesday the doctor came and had a look at Kaden and said i could take him home in the afternoon if he kept the water down until lunchtime - which he did.But my poor boy was just so miserable.
At around 2p.m the doctor said we could go and gave us 48 hour access to the ward if things were to change,and he said just call them and head straight back up.Once home Kaden was just sleeping all the time and they had given me the dioralyte home with me to water down his feeds.So in the evening i set up his pump and watered down his milk and put him on his pump.He sleot really well - in fact all night...and i couldn't sleep for worrying he was ok.
Wednesday Kaden slightly improved but is still very weak...but today he looks alot better although he still has a terrible cough.
I had the midwife yesterday and she checked my bloodpressure which was up...which i told her was probably due to worry about Kaden,so she's doing a home visit tommorrow to check it again.Hopefuly all will be well as i dont fancy the weekend in hospital!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back to Doctor

I took Kaden back to the doctor on Thursday as he'd been fevered and coughing all night Wednesday.The doctor checked him over and said he heard something in his chest and because of his history he would give Kaden an antibiotic for a weeks course and to also keep giving Kaden calpol to keep his temperature down.
Since Thursday Kaden has been up and down,he follows me round the house saying hug..hug all day long.I hate to see him so miserable.Every night Kaden cant get slept for coughing and the last 2 nights i've switched off his pump during the night as he's being sick with coughing.
Tonight we are all having a early night with the hope of getting some sleep - although we better get used to sleepless nights as its only 6 weeks until baby brown appears!!