Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kaden and His Best Friend

Kaden is on the move at the speed of lightning nowadays(on his bottom).He follows the dog around like a sheep and she LOVES him as she gets plenty of titbits.He has started stroking her and touching her sometimes more gently than others.The other day i was at the cooker and he was right next to the dog looking out of the back door slapping the side of her(thinking he was being gentle).He also throws her food allover the floor - he's a nightmare,i need eyes in the back of my head!!
Last night we had a night out - a leaving party for a freind of mine who's emmigrating to Austrailia next week.We all went and Kaden stayed awake and was quite happy looking around watching everything that was going on.On the way home the snow was coming down and the kids were desperate to get up in the morning to see if the snow was lying thick.
We woke up the snow lying today much to the girls delight and Kaden's been loving looking out the window watching his sisters playing in it.
I got the 2nd results back yesterday of my ammnio and the baby is fine and has no genetic disorders.
Thats a big weight off my mind.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Check up

Kaden had the hospital on Monday for a neo-natal check up and a button change.The doctor from the neo-natal had Kadens height and weight done.His weight was 8.56kg.She was pleased with the way he's progressing as far as development goes.She said he was tall but slight in weight.She asked if he was pointing at things and saying words yet.As far as words goes he tries everything.He can say car,dog ,dad,mum,gaga (grandpa),he certainly tries to repeat words.She said overall she's not too concerned over anything at the moment but she wants to see him in 3 months.She said the only thing she would have put us forward for was physio,but since he already goes to physio she's quite happy.
Then on Wednesday Kaden had a check-up with the surgeon.He just asked some questions about how Kaden was getting on and if we were happy with his progress.Which we said his feeding is an issue,but as the surgeon says we just have to be patient and one day it'll come.Although saying that recently Kaden has been more intersted in eating orally - very runny food but at least he opens his mouth now.
The surgeon says he'll see Kaden in 9 months just to keep a tab on him,but from a surgical point of view he's happy with the outcome.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm getting lazy with Kadens blog these days...i don't mean to but i always think i'll do it later,and a week passes so quickly.And i have no excuse this week as we have been hanging around the house alot!
Kaden is back to normal cheeky self,looking and feeling alot better.Kaden has the hospital next week to see the surgeon and also for his 12 month + neo-natal check.
This week also i had an amnio done...i had one done with Kaden because i had to,but this time i asked for one just to check everything is ok.I had forgotten what it's like to have an amnio and i was terrified,but really i shouldn't have worried.The staff at the hospital are so great at taking your mind off it when your getting the procedure done and it only takes around 5 minutes or so.
The nurse said to take it easy for the next wee while,and she would phone me hopefuly within 3 days with the 1st set of results.
Yesterday that long awaited call came,and she said the first results had came through and were fine...meaning the baby has not got Down Syndrome,Edwards or Patau.Which has been a great relief.
The nurse said the final results of the test should come back in around 2 - 2 1/2 weeks,as they have to grow these cells.So fingers crossed they'll come back ok too,although she did say if the 1st set of results are fine very rarely do they find a problem with the 2nd heres hoping!
I would scan in my sono picture but i'm not too sure how to,maybe i'll get my husband to show me later.