Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I took Kaden to see the doctor last night as he hadn't improved all day.My healthvisitor had called to see if i'd had Kadens button checked as it was awful red on Thursday when she came round to do Jaxons 6 month check.I told her i hadn't and that he was ill and she said call the doctor to get him checked over incase the g-tube site was the cause of an infection.So i called to doctor and he called me back and said he'd see him in 20 minutes so i put a coat on him and bundled him in the car and headed for the doctors.The doctor checked him over and said he had a bit of a temp and he was showing signs of H1 N1 which he said is rife at the moment but he said he'll give him a course of anti-biotics 1st too see if this helps him and if within the next 24 hours there is now sign of improvement we have to take Kaden back again.
Kaden was up most of last night crying and gagging again so i switched his pump off early.Every time he cryed he woke the i had two screaming boys!
Hopefuly there will be an impovement in him today.

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mummy to angel SKYLA said...

Oh no!! I hope he starts to feel better real soon and that its not
H1N1. (((HUGS)))