Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eating Clinic

Kaden has the eating clinic we'll see what tomorrow brings as lately hes been eating less and somedays hardly anything.He has to take a teddy with him tomorrow for a teddy bear picnic so hopefuly that will be enjoyable for him.
Kadens great fun at the moment he repeats everything you say he's like a little parrot!
Yesterday i took some pictures of him hugging Jaxon which was nice to get him to sit at peace for a few minutes!The other week i left Jaxon on my bed after feeding him and went through to a different room,to hear Kaden being awful quiet.I went through to the bedroom to find Kaden feeding the baby with a perfume bottle and my poor baby was stinking of perfume and just lying there letting him do it...just wait a few months and Jaxon will be sticking up for himself as he's growing sooooo fast. Normally if Kadens quiet there's something going down as Kadens a little monkey!

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