Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eating Clinic

Kaden got on fine at the eating clinic on Monday.They had a group of around 6 or 7 parents and we started off by discussing eating worries and issues.Kaden has been putting pretty much anything in his mouth..(Even the dogfood)its just the swallowing.He seems to hold the food in his mouth forever until it dissolves.Apart from chocolate,he has no problem where he cant get enough in his mouth at one time!!LolThen they got some chocolate buttons and crisps (melt in your mouth ones)and yogurt and put them on a table for the children to eat and see the reaction.
I took Kaden over to the table and opened the yogurt and gave him a spoon and boy what a time he had.He eat his yougurt.He stuck his hand in the butttons dish took a hanful and eat a few crisps - and bingo that was lunch!Most teh other kids were pretty much at the same stage as kaden and some wouldn't eat hardly anything.They have scheduled it for again in 2 weeks and thereafter every fortnight.The next time thr kids will get to do messy play with some jelly to see if they put any towards there mouth.
I'm getting slow at blogging these days as there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.I spend my life feeding Jaxon,i put him down and then he screams so i pick him back up again.I cant seem to get anything done.
Jaxon has been slightly constipated so maybe he's just uncomfortable,and i'm hoping he'll grow out of the constant crying.
I'm up writing this during the night as i have really bad toochache,and i got up to take some painkillers.I called the emergency Dentist on Friday and they gave me an appointment for 1st thing Saturday morning.The dentist gave me some antibiotics to take as my face is swollen and my tooth is infected.I'm waitiong for an appointment next week again withe emergency dentist for an x-ray and some root treatment (Scary).
It's such a long time since i have hadd toothache but i wouldn't wish it on anyone as its soooooooooooo painful.Never mind hopefuly we'll get it sorted next week and i'll be back to normal.
Kaden got a police car this week as an early Birthday present as we'll be on holiday when its his birthday.He LOVES it.I'll post a pick of him getting in it...he spend most of the time getting in and out of it.

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