Friday, August 8, 2008

Rain,Rain go away

The girls were devestated on Wednesday when they woke up tp torrential rain.There beloved tent was wet inside!!Yesterday it rained on and off too ,so they had to take their duvet and pillows in to dry off.Kaden had some fun playing on Brookes bed (Wednesday) with Brookes Elmo she had from a baby.And today the girls were so glad when they woke up to dry weather...Although first thing this morning we had to go to town to get some final school uniform for them returning to school a week on Tuesday.Once we got home the girls headed straight for the tent armed with the duvet,pillows nad 2 sleeping bags.And i got my orders to try to patch it up.So in the garage i found a tarpaulin which we put over the tent and it fits perfect(its a raincover for a bouncy castle we had)-So the moto is dont throw things out!And at tea-time the sun ventured out.So Kaden had a quick spin in the garden in his car...then in for tea.Usual feeding time and issues with Kaden.We try every day with Kadens oral feeds but he hardly opens his mouth.Today wasn't any different - i tryed him with tomato and ham pasta bake(jar)he took about 2 spoons and turns his head.So then we tried chocolate mousse and the same again about 2 spoons and refuses to have any more.Never mind hopefuly one day soon he'll be asking for seconds!?We live in hope.
Tonight the girls and mike and 1 of our dogs are having a sleepover in the tent - i dont suppose anyone apart from Kaden and I will be sleeping that much!?ha ha

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