Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Kaden had the physio at the hospital yesterday.He did really well.She had him doing his sitting to standing,and played with some coloured cubes and a giant ball.The physio said he was doing real well and she could see a big difference from last time.She also said to get him to use his walker more - to get him used to walking pushing something.Kaden actualy didn't cry (as much) as usual,he played quite happy until she tryed to get him to crawl...and then he lost it!!The physio said Kaden's pelvis is still wobbly and she'd like to see him in a month,but because we're on holiday she's made a appointment for the 1st October.Then his next appointments at the hospital is November for a 12months+ neo-natal check and an appointment with the surgeon.
Kaden is sitting at my feet as i write this throwing sweeties allover the place..as i gave him a tin of sweets to play with to keep him amused,and they certainly have.

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