Friday, October 3, 2008

Kadens physio appointment

Kaden had an appointment with the physio this morning.He seemed to cope really well...although still a few tears.The physio has been working on his flexability,getting to stand and bend.Kaden was in a room with all brightly coloured soft play type equiptment...which he seemed to be happy enough with.He did cry from time to time and looked at me as if to say HELP MUM!!It makes me feel guilty when she's trying to work him hard and he's upset - but it's for Kadens own good and benefit in the long run.All in all the physio seemed happy enough with Kaden and said just to keep working with him and his mobility.Kaden has become a master at his bum shuffling,he can now go at some speed so nothing is safe.The pysio made an appointment for the end of October to see Kaden again.So from here on in we'll just keep working with Kaden at home until he becomes a bit stronger.

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