Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Kaden woke up at 4.30a.m coughing on Monday morning and bringing some of his feed up again.So once the doctors opened i took him there for them to check him over.In the car on the way to the doctors he was sick everywhere.The doctor checked him over,his ears his temp and throat.Apart from Kadens throat being a bit red he said he was full of the cold but just to keep an eye on him and if he slept more than normal or was bringing up his feeds to take him straight back.
The rest of the day he coughed and was unsettled but kept his feeds down...thank goodness as he cant afford to loose any more weight.Kaden was weighed on admission to hospital and he's 17lbs 2oz and back in June he weighed 17lbs 10 oz,i'm a little concerned so i've got the physio tommorrow with Kaden so i'll see if i can talk to the dietition.


Vicki Jensen said...

I hope everything is OK and Kaden gets well very soon!


mummy to angel SKYLA said...

I hope Kaden is better, you havent updated in a while. A bit concerned. Hope he is ok. By the way how is your pregnancy going. I hope you havent been too sick with morning sickness.

Kristy, Angel Skyla's mummy