Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kaden Post Op

Kaden had a great time while waiting to be discharged.The Clown Doctors came round the ward and entertained the older kids then Kaden got a private showing.He just watched in amazment and babbled a few times!The doctor came round and had a look at Kadens wound and said we could head off home now (1.30p.m).As his wound looked fine and all seemed well with Kaden within himself.They didn't have to mention home twice,i kept his pjamas on and put his coat and hat on and off we went.We were home around 2p.m and it was hard to believe Kaden had been to hospital and had surgery and was home all within a few hours.

Here's Kaden post op about 1hour later - playing with 1 of the hospital toys.(how come they always prefer things that aren't theirs?)

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