Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday 5th February

We set off for hospital at 7.40a.m and got a parking space close to the hospital for a change!Kaden was weighed on arrival and shown through to the Day Ward.My Boy now weighs 11lbs 15oz!!The anethatist came round and discussed the procedure for putting Kaden to sleep and Kaden was scheduled for 1st on the list.Which meant we had to head down to the operating theatre after 9a.m.(I was so glad Kaden was 1st as it meant it was all over and done with,and saves alot of hanging around.)I went into the anesthetic room with Kaden and had him sat on my knee.They put on Thomas the Tank on the T.V for him to watch - and like Wyatt he too was fighting the gas and taking a while to drift off to sleep.Thankfuly after about 3/4 hour Kaden was ready to be transferred upstairs to the ward.I went downstairs with the nurse and brought a sleepy boy back upstairs.Kaden was a bit grisly for the 1st 1/2 hour and then he settled down and fell asleep.Once he woke up he was in a great mood and he got a bolus feed to which he never even cryed with.Which is quite unusual and he was the same with his next feed also.(maybe it's just a coinsidence?)Here's Kaden all gowned up ready for surgery.

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