Friday, March 21, 2008

Poor Kaden

Yesterday was a really wild day in Aberdeen as far as wind went!I decided after lunch to walk to the shops to get some messages and then carry on to pick up Regan from school(as Brooke was sent home at lunchtime with a sick bug).And boy was it windy - although i put the raincover over the pram to keep the wind out it was still quite wild.Kaden was really unsettled during the night and seemed to have a problem breathing as he seemed blocked up.So eventually i gave in and took him in beside us to get some rest!!When i woke up this morning the bed was wet - Kaden had been wretching and gagging so much he pushed the connecting pipe that hooks up to his gastrostomy out and the milk was still flowing(unknown to us)so poor Kaden was wet and had also lost out on some of his feed.Today i took him to the doctors to get an antibiotic to save the cold going into his chest - so he has to get it 3x daily.Hopefuly that'll do the trick.When we were at the doctors i asked if she would have a look at Kadens gastrostomy as its still weeping.She had a quick look and said i should take him upto the A&E at the hospital to get it checked over as the lady who i normally deal with for his tube is off on leave til the 1st April and we're off on holiday on the 30th March and i was a bit anxouis that it might be infected.Once at the hospital a doctor came and looked and said it looked ok and just to make sure he'd take a swab and send it off to make sure there are no bugs growing there.He said if there was a problem he'd call us and let us know failing that he said we were fine and could head off home!(thank goodness!!!)Kadens in his bed and sleeping so far so good so hopefuly he'll be fine tonight - i put some karvol on one of his teddys so i'm hoping that'll help.

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