Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday 27th April

I'm getting really lazy these days with kadens blog - although saying that sometimes its finding the time!Kaden is really clingy these days and i cant get any household chores done(good excuse!!)As soon as i move out of the room or put him in his bouncer he cries.We had a follow up appointment at the hospital on Wednesday and Kadens upto 15lbs13oz.He put on over a 1lb in 2 weeks which is the most hes ever put on - the dietition had told me to increase his feed,so i guess thats helped.Kaden gets 3 x 80ml bolus feeds a day and 50ml x 12hours overnight so overall he gets 840mls a day.Also the surgeon and the dietition said i have to push his oral feeding more - which i am trying(some days are better than others.)Kaden has got some granulation tissue appearing which the doctor isn't concerned about.We dont have to see the surgeon until July,and we have the physio in May and the respiritory doctor in June.Today we are having a lazy day the sun is shining and we are just lazing around the garden.He is a picture of Kaden today in the garden.

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