Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kadens Birthday Wednesday 25th July 2007

With a date set for delivery Wednesday 25th july 2007 - We headed up to hospital in tears at the unknown of what lay ahead.Once we arrived at the hospital i was prepped for my c-section which was scheduled for the morning.We had to think positive thoughts for the sake of our other 2 children,who were desperate for their baby brother to appear.We also had to explain to our 2 girls how ill their brother was and might not live on his arrival - as no one could give us the answers until he was born.

Thankfully Kaden entered the world at 10.41 a.m weighing 5lbs 12 oz and managed a little cry - before being rushed off to the neo-natal unit.

They told Mike they would call in an hour or so for him to go and see the baby.While i was in the recovery room Mike eventually got the long awaited call about 2 hours later to go and see our son.By this time the girls had been dropped off at the hospital to see their brother for the first time,the moment we had all been waiting for.

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