Thursday, December 27, 2007

One Day At A Time

Each day brought its ups and downs for Kaden from Day one.Post Kadens operation they said the first 48 hours were crusial ,the surgeon said that now all the organs had been moved out of the chest his main concern was the way the blood was pumping to the heart he hoped that it wouldn't start shunting to the duct that is suppost to close at birth and could cause problems.

Thankfully this didn't happen and the first 24 hours seemed to be stable.Then the following 48 hours Kaden seemed quite unstable with what looked like a fluid build up in the chest,so they removed some fluid to check and make sure that it wasn't a fluid which they called kyle which can be hard to treat and would mean stopping feeding him for a little while,and starting antibiotics which they did anyway.

They did some x-rays over the next few days to find what looked like air bubbles in his chest - and they wanted to investigate further.So they put some dye down Kaden to find out if any of his bowel was still above his diaphram which thankfully was not!

We think when they took some fluid from his chest it had caused the air bubbles.But also Kaden did have bugs growing in the line in his neck so they removed the line.

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