Monday, December 31, 2007

Next Plan

The week before Christmas we had a meeting with the surgeon and the plan is Kaden has had the NG tube for 5 months now so they are going to remove it and do a G tube instead and a fundalplication at the same timeto stop his reflux.We are dreading this as its another big op for our boy to go through and a weeks stay in hospital with sometime in HDU.This is booked for the Friday 4th January 2008.There's one thing about the g tube i'm looking forward to and thats getting rid of Kadens nose tube-so we can see our little boys face properly!

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Vicki Jensen said...

Hi Gillian. I found your blog through Gina Koger (Wyatt's mom). My son Jack also has CDH. Jack was born Aug 20, 2007 and was on ECMO and recently reherniated and had another surgery to repair that (more gortex!). He gets bolus feeds by his NG tube. We're going for a swallow study on the 8th so see if it's safe to bottle feed again (they think he aspirates). These babies sure keep us on our toes! I will keep Kaden in my thoughts & prayers for his surgery on the 4th. If you would like to visit Jack's website it's and he has a carepage that is much more up to date:
CarePage Name = JackJensen

All the best to you & your family!
Vicki Jensen