Thursday, December 27, 2007

Next Step - 16th March 2007

We had an emotional journey that your worst dream as a child did`nt come close to explain the fear of which lay ahead. For the next 5 months we were scanned every 2 - 3 weeks to check how well the organs were developing and more significantly, if any more organs had moved up into the chest.The sonogragher also did a measurement of the head to lung ratio-and said the baby was 1;4 ratio and anything under 1 was normally not good.She also said it was the only to give us a ruff guide as to how things looked for the future at birth and things could change between now and the birth. They also examined the babys heart as it had shifted over to the right because of the obstruction in his chest.Unknown to us the month before he was born the sonographer said she could see something else in the chest,but couldn t make out if it was lung tissue or what it was.
Our next step was a 'MRI' Scan which would give us a better idea.We went for the 'MRI' Scan 3 weeks before he was born - but didn't get results till the week before he was born,due to the fact one of the doctors was on holiday and there had to be 2 doctors go over it thoroughly.
Then our worst nightmare came true - there were more organs in the chest pushing on his lungs and leaving little room for his left lung to develop.

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