Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 2 - At home Saturday 12th January

What a monkey Kaden is - he's already been trying to pull out the tube for feeding him from his tummy!Kaden seems to be coping well on his feeding amounts and today he got his first taste of ice-cream and some chocolate which he quite liked.Today we ventured into town(what a nightmare!!)Kaden decided at feeding time he would make things hard for me - so once i started feeding him by the tube he started whinning and crying and the milk kept creeping up the syringe until it overflowed all over Kaden and Me!Just as well i had a spare change of clothes with me to change him although he had to go home minus a jacket as it was soaking.Boy does he make me work hard and know how to wind me up.Poor Kaden - We'll just have to remember in future to take a spare jacket with us just in case!!!Here's Kaden trying out some chocolate.

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