Thursday, January 3, 2008

Friday 4th January 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to hospital we go.No More Nose tube Say's Kaden!!We've been dredding this day-but we have to do whats best for Kaden.We re praying all will go well and Kaden will be back home after a weeks stay in hospital and hopefully this will be the last hurdle for us to jump!?There's one thing for sure i won't be sleeping that much in the next week.
Here's Kaden on 1 of his dogs backs!


Cindy said...

Hi, I found the link to your blog from Baby Wyatt's. I am praying that Kaden's surgery goes well!

mom to Claire, 6/7/07 LCDH

Bren said...

I found your'e blog from Claire( my daughter) and I hope and pray that little Kaden makes a good recovery.
Wishing you well for 2008
Mrs Brenda Williams

Vicki Jensen said...

I hope Kaden's surgery went well and he's thinking of coming back home real soon!

mom to Jack, 8/20/07 LCDH

Gina said...

We are praying for Kaden. He seems like such a strong little guy and is super cute!!