Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here's My Boy!!

Sunday 20th January 2008
Kadens been a little unsettled today- i think he's teething.Everything is heading straight for his mouth!And boy can he drool!
This is Kaden all set to take his sister to football training-something unheard of us being up and out on a Sunday before 12 noon!!


Gina said...

Kaden is getting so big and looks very happy!! It sounds like G-tube surgery was a great idea. We are still trying to decide if Wyatt should get one. Kaden is adorable!! Best of luck, Gina (Wyatt's mom)

Anonymous said...

Kaden has big beautiful eyes! Love the name too! I hope Kaden's recovery keeps going smoothly! - Danielle (Gina's sister)