Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday 31st January

Here's a photo of Kaden - looking every where else but the camera!He's been a little grumpy today on and off,which we can cope with as long as it's not all day!Today we went for some retail therapy and it was great to get a change of scenery as for the last few days we stayed home.And to my husbands surprise when he opened the car boot out popped another new pram!Soon we'll have a pram for every day of the week!!Never mind that's what children are for and were just so thankful to have our 'Special Boy'.Kaden had a bath tonight which wasn't very easy.Trying to hold him and hold the end of his tube and wash him at the same time was a challange - i'll need to sprout another pair of hands.

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Vicki Jensen said...

Kaden looks fantastic. Has he been gaining a lot of weight now that he has the tube? He looks like he's filling out nicely! I want to pinch those cute cheeks!
Glad to hear things are going well!
Jack's mom