Thursday, January 10, 2008

Surgery Day 4th January 2008

We met the Surgeon when we arrived at the hospital to go over Kadens operation.The whole time i stood and wondered if we were doing the right thing for Kaden?The surgeon explained all about the operation and told us it was a big operation for Kaden to go through but felt it would benefit Kaden in the long run as he was struggling to thrive and it would stop his reflux and also give Kaden and our family a better quality of life.We aired our fears to the surgeon if the fundo didn't work and made things worse for Kaden how would we stand - which he replied the fundo can be reversed if it made things worse.So we decided to give both the fundo and G tube a try.Kaden was 1st on the list for surgery,so we headed down to theatre around 9.30a.m.The worst thing you have to go through holding your precious baby in your arms and entering the operating theatre knowing your baby trusts you and handing him over to be put to sleep.It's the worst feeling in the world!!The surgeon started the operation around 10.30a.m after Kaden was put to sleep and all monitered up and all the lines put in place.Surgery took around 2 hours and Kaden was transferred to the high dependency unit for the weekend.(The 2 hours seemed like forever)The surgeon told us after the op he was so glad we had done the operation as he found Kaden had a heighitis hernia which was pushing upwards as the muscle around the middle part of his diaphram was very thin and so he repaired that also at the front and the back with a patch - and said no wonder Kaden couldn't keep his milk downas the muscle was virtually not working at all.This is Kaden on Friday after his operation.

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